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Chandigarh : Participatory, Accessible and Efficient Governance

  |   January 2012

Chandigarh, symbolic of planning urbanism, was commissioned by Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru, the country's first Prime Minister, who rather prophetically proclaimed that Chandigarh would be "unfettered by the traditions of the past, a symbol of the nation's faith in the future" and was developed...

National Informatics Centre, Odisha is playing a catalytic role in implementing e-Governance projects and establishing a Networked Government for greater transparency and accountability in delivery of public services to facilitate moral & material progress of all citizens.

Puducherry: Spreading ICT through the French Colonial Heritage

  |   October 2011

The Union Territory of Puducherry is a unique place and it is a blend of spiritual aura, French colonial heritage,Tamil culture and the cosmopolitan flair of many nationalities in a small but varied town.The inherent ambiance of "Pondy", as it is fondly called, becomes most evident in the oldest...

Contribution of NIC to Government of Bihar in the field of ICT

  |   October 2011

National Informatics Centre has its wide presence in Bihar besides the 38 districts of the State.These centres have been instrumental in accelerating the pace of e-Governance with ICT-led initiatives and developments using the infrastructure of NIC e.g. NICNET, Data Centre, Video-Conferencing, etc. Regular...

Nagaland - Towards Digitally Vibrant and Responsive Governance

  |   July 2011

Nagaland is largely mountainous with hilly topography throughout and the highest peak being Saramati (3841 metres). Many rivers cut through the mountainous terrain, like sharp swords slicing through rocks. Nagaland being a land of myths and festivals, has been officially named as 'Land...

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eAbgari - End-to-End Solution for Comprehensive Transformation of State Excise

eAbgari has been the single most transformational factor in state excise sector and has greatly increased the department's enforcement...

eCabinet - Automate Cabinet meetings in paper free and virtual mode

eCabinet/ eMantrimandal is a powerful software portal for State governments to conduct Cabinet meetings electronicall...

PSC-Soft Public Service Commission Software for Transformation

The PSC-Soft provides an integrated solution for the core functions of any State Public Service Commission with focus...