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State Correspondent e-Mail ID
Andaman & Nicobar Gautam Gupta gautam.g at nic dot in
Andhra Pradesh Dr. Venkata Ramana V V v3r at ap dot nic dot in
Arunachal Pradesh

Debashish Nath

debasish.nath at nic dot in
Assam Kavita Barkakoty asm-kavita at nic dot in
Bihar Rajiv Ranjan rajiv.ranjan at nic dot in
Chandigarh Vivek Verma
Manraj Kaur
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manraj.kaur at nic dot in
Chhattisgarh Y V Shreenivas Rao yvsrao at nic dot in
Dadra & Nagar Haveli  S. A. Khuba sakhuba at nic dot in
Daman & Diu Utpal N Mehta utpal.mehta at nic dot in
Delhi Nittal Srinivas
Shashi Kant Pandey (NIC HQ)
nsrini at nic dot in
sk dot pandey at nic dot in
Goa Archana Nagvekar archana.nagvekar at nic dot in
Gujarat Amit Dinkerbhai Shah amit.shah at nic dot in
Haryana Deepak Bansal
Deepak Sawant
sio-hryat nic dot in
sawant.deepak at nic dot in
Himachal Pradesh Ajay Singh Chahal
Sandeep Sood
ajay.chahal at nic dot in
sood.sandeep at nic dot in
Jammu & Kashmir Abhay Kumar
Jit Raj
sio-jk at nic dot in
jit.raj at nic dot in
Jharkhand Prashant Belwarier prashant.b at nic dot in
Karnataka Shr B P Srinivasan b.p.srinivasan at nic dot in
Kerala Asha Varma
Susy M
ashavarma.kc at nic dot in
susy.m at nic dot in
Lakshadweep Basheer Ahammed P.K basheer.pka at nic dot in
Madhya Pradesh Vivek Chitale vc at nic dot in
Maharashtra Moiz Hussain hussain at nic dot in
Manipur M. Budhimala Devi bmala at nic dot in
Meghalaya Candida B.M. Booth Shadap candida.shadap at nic dot in
Mizoram Lalhmachhuani chhuani at nic dot in
Nagaland T. Y. Sangtam
Novotsono Natso
tysangtam at nic dot in
novotsono.natso at nic dot in
Odisha Shri Hara Prasad Das hp.das at nic dot in
Puducherry Mr N.S. Kumaran ns.kumaran at nic dot in
Punjab Vikram Jeet Grover
Sarbjeet Singh
Parminder Kaur
grover.vikram at nic dot in
singh.sarbjeet at nic dot in
parminder.kaur at nic dot in
Rajasthan Amit Agarwal amit.agarwal at nic dot in
Sikkim Dr. Laxmi Prasad Sharma lp.sharma at nic dot in
Tamil Nadu Ms. Beena C at nic dot in
Telangana ..... .....
Tripura Chayan Kanti Dhar
Chaitali Bhattacharjee
chayan at nic dot in
chaitali.b at nic dot in
Uttaranchal AK Dadhichi ak.dadhichi at nic dot in
Uttar Pradesh Anshu Rohatgi anshu.rohatgi at nic dot in
West Bengal Motiur Rahman motiur at nic dot in


Recent Issues


Oct.'23 Issue

Emerging AI/ML Attacks and Risks Navigating Emerging AI/ML Threats in Application Security

In the era of relentless innovation driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), applications ...

Advanced Persistent Threats Threat Landscape and Countermeasure

In the digital age, Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) pose a persistent and evolving menace. APTs, orchestrated by ...

TejasVI Empowering Data Driven Governance

TejasVI transforms data analysis / visualisation for eGovernance through its user-centric design, integrating various ...

Jul.'23 Issue

HTML Canvas & Fabric.js Open-source 2D Geometry Rendering JavaScript Library

Fabric.js is an open source 2D graphic library which can be used to give attractive visual effects,design games, ...

REST vs. Messaging for Microservices Discover how to choose the right communication style for Microservices

Two common protocols used in microservices are HTTP request/response with resource APIs and lightweight asynchronous ...

SugamyaWeb Enabling accessible web experience of the Indian Governments websites

SugamyaWeb is a cloud enabled Web Accessibility reporting platform, which provides end-to-end web testing. The tool ...

Apr.'23 Issue

Intrusion Detection System A powerful tool to identify and respond to potential security threats

In the modern age of interconnected technology, where businesses and organizations rely heavily on networks to ...

Double Diamond Design Process An Advanced Framework for a Successful UX Design

Double Diamond Design Process involves understanding user needs by exploring and gathering information, collaborating ...

NICler Reimagining Education through Technology

NICler is an innovative assessment tool that has been designed to gamify learning and promote adaptive learning. This ...