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Launch of ePrayuktiSewa Portal by Chief Secretary, Assam on 31-05-2023

Kavita Barkakoty, Assam asm-kavita[at]nic[dot]in
  |   Jun 2, 2023
Launch of ePrayuktiSewa by Chief Secretary Assam
Launch of ePrayuktiSewa by Chief Secretary Assam

ePrayuktiSewa Mobile App Service
ePrayuktiSewa Mobile App Service

e-PrayuktiSewa Portal developed by NIC Assam has been soft-launched in a small function by Shri Paban Kumar  Borthakur, IAS, Chief Secretary, Assam on 31-05-2023 in his office chamber. Smt. Kabita Roy Das, Deputy  Director General and State Informatics Officer, NIC Assam, gave a brief overview of the portal and explained how it will help the departments to build a Mobile App within a very short time period. Smt. Hiranmayee Goswami, Sr. Director (IT) & ASIO Districts gave small presentation on the e-PrayuktiSewa Portal.

Officers present on the function were Smt. Kabita Roy Das, DDG & State Informatics Officer, NIC Assam, Smt. Hiranmayee Goswami, Sr. Director (IT) & ASIO Districts, Shri Ajit Bhattacharyya, Director (IT), and Shri Debojyoti Sarkar, Scientific Assistant/ Technical Assistant –A.

e-PrayuktiSewa is an Online Portal offered by NIC Assam, serving as a remarkable platform that provides an exceptional configurable Mobile app builder & Bharat Map Service provider solution, specifically designed to cater to the diverse needs of the Government Departments / Organizations. As an integral part of NIC Assam's offerings, the e-PrayuktiSewa Portal encompasses three key services: Mobile Apps with Geo-tagging and image capturing, Integration of NIC’s Bharat Map Services and AI Services. Through this platform, Government Departments/Organizations can gain access to an extensive suite of features and functionalities, empowering them to build custom mobile applications tailored to their unique requirements.

NIC Assam Team:

  1. Ms. Kabita Roy Das, DDG & SIO
  2. Ms. Hiranmayee Goswami, Senior Director (IT) & ASIO Districts
  3. Shri Ajit Bhattacharyya, Director (IT)
  4. Shri Debojyoti Sarkar Scientific Assistant / Technical Assistant –A
  5. Ms. Priya Subhalakhmi Hazarika, Sr. Programmer
  6. Shri Prithwish Bhowmick, Sr. Programmer



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