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Honble Chief Minister Assam launches the State Public Procurement Portal of Assam

Kavita Barkakoty, Assam asm-kavita[at]nic[dot]in
  |   Aug 24, 2022
Presentation by SIO NIC Assam, during the Launch of SPPP
Presentation by SIO NIC Assam, during the Launch of SPPP

SPPP Assam - NIC Chennai also connected over VC
SPPP Assam - NIC Chennai also connected over VC

Honble Chief Minister of Assam, Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma, launched the State Public Procurement Portal (SPPP) of Assam on 22nd Aug 2022. The event was attended by senior World Bank officials, senior Assam Government officials, NIC Assam officials and also NIC Chennai officials over VC.


The State Public Procurement Portal (SPPP) is an Integrated Platform to access all tender-related information of Assam Government Departments, State Public Sector Enterprises, and all others covered under the ambit of the Assam Public Procurement Act, 2017.


The SPPP is a single centralised platform for bidders and citizens to access any procurement-related information of Assam and it serves as a single source of truth for all Assam Government tenders. All Tender-related information is freely accessible to the general public and credible information is made available on public procurement of goods, works and services by the procuring entities.


The SPP Portal aggregates all the following Tenders :

  1. Online Tenders published on (GePNIC Application), through automated web-service APIs.
  2. Online Tenders for Assam published on PMGSY (GePNIC Application), through automated web-service APIs.
  3. Tenders for Assam published on GeM, through automated web-service APIs.
  4. Manual Tenders below the threshold value of 25 Lakhs, which will be ePublished on the SPPP by the procuring entities.


The procuring entities (departmental users) have the facility to upload the Annual Procurement Plan, ePublish Manual Tenders etc. The SPPP provides a Dashboard facility to the Departmental Users to display Tender data, the primary intention being to provide information at-a-glance.


The SPPP provides a SEARCH feature to the public to search for various kinds of Tenders - Latest Active Tenders, High Value Tenders, Global Tenders etc. The Tenders can also be filtered according to need - Organisation-wise, Category-wise, GePNIC tenders, GeM Bids etc.


A Grievance module has been provided through which citizens may lodge grievances and receive resolution. Citizens can also provide feedback through the Feedback module. The Portal is fully secure and incorporates all required security measures.


The SPP Portal was developed by NIC Chennai and supported by NIC Delhi and NIC Assam.


The Honble Chief Minister Assam appreciated the efforts of NIC and expressed satisfaction that the SPPP will ensure complete transparency in the public procurement process.


NIC Assam Team :

Dr. Suchitra Pyarelal, DDG & SIO Assam

Smt. Kavita Barkakoty, STD

Shri Pranab Chakravarty, TD



NIC Chennai Team

Shri K.Srinivasa Raghavan, DDG & SIO Tamil Nadu

Shri V.Raman, DDG - eProcurement Division

Shri J.Sekar, STD

Shri K.Ganapathi, STD

Shri B.Seenivasan, STD

Shri S.Sivaramaselvan, TD

Smt. A.Saravanambika, TD

Smt. B.Kalaimani, PSA

Smt. L.Veronica, SSA

Shri Madan Prabhu D, SSA


NIC Delhi Team:

Smt. Usha Saxena, STD & HoD eProcurement Implementation Division

Shri Rama Amirtham, STD

Shri Praveen Chandra Dhar, STD

Shri Atul Kumar, SSA

Ms. Shristi Ajmani, SSA


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