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Celebration of Good Governance week from 20th December-25th December 2021 - Meeting held by the Chief Secretary, Assam

Kavita Barkakoty, Assam asm-kavita[at]nic[dot]in
  |   Dec 27, 2021
Celebration of Good Governance Week in Assam - Meeting taken by Chief Secretary Assam
Celebration of Good Governance Week in Assam - Meeting taken by Chief Secretary Assam

Chief Secretary Assam with Senior officers of GoA and NIC Assam
Chief Secretary Assam with Senior officers of GoA and NIC Assam

24 Dec 2021: The Government of Assam observed the Good Governance week from 20th December-25th December, 2021. On 24th December, 2021, a meeting, chaired by the Chief Secretary, Assam was held with the participation of NIC and all departments of the Assam Secretariat. A presentation was made by NIC highlighting the importance of departmental websites as the public face of the government and the role of the departments in providing accurate and up-to-date information to the citizens.

All 239 websites of the Government of Assam have already been launched under the ePrastuti Standardized Website Framework (SWF) developed by NIC.  To provide a seamless citizen user experience, NIC has developed an upgraded version of this standardized framework, to which the current websites are being shifted in a phased manner. The Chief Secretary reviewed a number of departmental websites and directed all departments to ensure that accurate and up-to-date information was provided.

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