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Review of eGovernance initiatives and release of District eGovernance profile by the Collector, Dhamtari, Chhattisgarh

Y. V. Shreenivas Rao, Chattisgarh yvsrao[at]nic[dot]in
  |   Sep 2, 2021
Release of district eGovernance profile
Release of district eGovernance profile

Officers present on the occasion
Officers present on the occasion

A meeting with the Collector, Shri P.S. Alma, IAS, and other district officials was organized at the Collectorate Meeting Hall, Dhamtari on 28th August 2021 to review the eGovernance initiatives in the district. The meeting was graced by Dr. A. K. Hota, DDG & SIO and Shri A. K. Somasekhar, STD & ASIO(Dist.) and Shri Satyesh K. Sharma, TD & DGM (NICSI).

 A detailed presentation on over 30 e-Governance applications being implemented in Dhamtari District was given by Shri Upendra S. Chandel, Senior Systems Analyst & DIO. During the presentation, other district-level officers also interacted and shared their thoughts on the concerned applications being used in their departments.

District eGovernance profile book covering various projects under 19 domains with statistical achievements was released on the occasion by the Collector in the presence of visiting officers from NIC State Centre, Smt. Priyanka Mahobiya(IAS), CEO Zila Panchayat and ShriDillip Agrawal, ADM. The flipbook of the profile was released on the occasion.


Addressing on the occasion, SIO appreciated the steps being undertaken in Dhamtari district for ICT intervention in various domains. He congratulated District Administration for contributing the video documentary under ‘Unsung Heroes’ to Amrit Mahotsav. He applauded Dhamtari being pilot district for implementation of UDID (Universal Disability ID) project.  He also gave a brief presentation on some of the important products developed by NIC like e-Leave, e-Office, Sandesh (Government Instant Messaging System) and various mobile apps developed through DGMC.

Collector shared his positive experiences and views on the role of NIC in the District Administration. Discussing on eHospital project he asked for a facility to generate a report of the expenses borne by the Govt towards treatment of any patient. Such a report is needed for one should know about contribution of the Government though the patient gets the treatment free of cost, he observed. He further suggested that Token facility may be provided for the patients of OPD. He asked for Mobile Apps to monitor Time Limit (TL) meeting to monitor pending papers. Adding that the Missal documents are in local servers at district level, he requested SIO to facilitate hosting them on servers at NIC state unit. He informed that keeping in view the poor internet connectivity issues at village level, district Administration is interacting with different ISPs to increase the reach.

He acclaimed the contribution of Shri Upendra S. Chandel, DIO not only for eGovernance support but also for his readiness to contribute towards any innovation required for District Administration.

Smt. Priyanka Mahobiya, CEO Zila Panchayat, shared her thoughts on Area Officer Mobile Application developed by NIC. She stressed on the importance of the adaptation and effective use of IT applications in day-to-day office work.

Shri Dillip Agrawal, ADM, spoke on e-district services and gave suggestion for marriage registration as a service for citizens. He hoped that NIC might take steps to create awareness among the officers on IT Act and Aadhaar Act etc.

Concluding the meeting with Vote of Thanks, DIO informed that such a review meeting in the presence of SIO, Collector and all District Officers is being conducted for first time in the eleven years of his service. He thanked the Collector for his valuable guidance and all district officers for sparing time and actively participating in the discussion.



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