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Training program on DFC -eSamikSha in, Conference Room, DFCCIL on 03rd April , 2019

Dr. Shubhag Chand, Delhi shubhag[at]nic[dot]in
  |   Apr 24, 2019
Shri Akash Kumar Gupta, Scientist-C, Cabinet Secretariat Informatics Division during the training to participants

Official of DFCCIL & field offices via Video Conferencing

eSamikSha application is an online Monitoring and Compliance Mechanism, developed by NIC Cabinet Secretariat Informatics Division, to fast track the compliance of pending action points, proposal, targets, etc. of various Ministry/Department/Organization/ Agency of Govt. of India, Government of States and UTs. The portal has been designed in such a way that it will enhance efficiency, bring transparency, reduce the need of protracted correspondence and improve the communication between Government to Government (G2G).

Shri Anurag Sachan, Managing Director, DFCCIL had desired to organize another capacity building program on customized DFC- eSamikSha portal  for the users of DFC-eSamikSha  including Directors, Group General Manager, General Managers and officers of regional/field offices located across the country connected via Video Conferencing.

Speaking in the training session, MD (DFCCIL) said that DFC-eSamikSha will facilitate the coordination and monitoring of the progress of various project under DFCCIL and compliance of the various references received. It will bring transparency, reduce the paper work and improve the communication between  various Field Offices & Directors, GGMs and GMs at the corporate office.

In this context, capacity building training program was organized in the Conference Room , Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India, Pragati Maidan New Delhi,  on April 03, 2019 for DFCCIL officials  at various field offices, connected via Video Conferencing.

Shri Vijay Solanki GM(IT) addressed session was, followed by the description of DFC-eSamikSha & audio/visual presentation and workflow by  Shri Akash Kumar Gupta, ‘Scientist ' C, Cabinet Secretariat Informatics Division, It was also explained in detail how the DFC-eSamikSha cater the need of DFCCIL.  Training was attended by officials from the Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India Limited. All DFC-eSamikSha modules and various user roles were explained in detail during the training session.

The session has been ended with the question & answer session and vote of thanks.  

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