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Training on BhuNaksha s/w for the Tahasil staffs of Ganjam District, Odisha

A. K. Hota, Odisha ak[dot]hota[at]nic[dot]in
  |   Jun 21, 2017
Training Session in progress

DIO and other Dignitaries in the programme

A two days long training programme on Bhunaksha s/w on map correction was held during 5th and 6th June’2017 in the e-Governance training centre of Collectorate, Ganjam for all the 23 Tahasil staffs of Ganjam District. The training was conducted Sub-Division wise. Ganjam has three sub-divisions i.e. Chhatrapur having 8 Tahasils, Berhampur having 7 Tahasils and Bhanjanagar having 8 Tahasils. The R.I./ARI/Amins of the tahasils participated in the training programme.

The training programme was inaugurated by Sri Bijaya Kumar Dash, OAS, ADM (Revenue). The other officials participated in the training programme include  Sri Subash Chandra Misra, DIO, NIC, Ganjam,  Sri Anjan Kumar Dash, OAS, Revenue Officer,  Sri Subhendu Kumar  Sahu, OAS, Tahasildar, Chatrapur (Master Trainer),  Sri Sandeep Garnayak, OAS, Tahasildar, Sheragarh (Master Trainer) and  Sri Sabyasachi Hota, OAS, Nodal Officer, e-Governance.

At the outset ADM (Revenue) briefed the participants about the importance and use of Bhunakshaw s/w. Sri S. C. Misra, DIO gave a detailed presentation on Bhunakshaw s/w and the process of map correction using Point Measurement Method. Two master trainers of Ganjam district i.e. Tahasildar Chhatrapur and Tahasildar Sheragarh assisted fully in the training programme.

The training programme was divided into two phases. In the first phase a detail theoretical presentation was given to the participants. In the second phase the participants were given hands on session. Each tahasil team was provided with a system to practise on the Bhunakshaw s/w.

About 70 participants attended the two day training programme. District administration highly appreciated the role of NIC, Ganjam in conducting the training as well as installing the Bhunakshaw s/w in all the systems of e-Governance Lab.

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