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India climbs up 6 Places in Network Readiness Index 2022

Hemendra Kumar Saini, Delhi hemendra[dot]saini[at]nic[dot]in
  |   Nov 21, 2022
India climbs up 6 Places in Network Readiness Index 2022
India climbs up 6 Places in Network Readiness Index 2022

According to the newly issued Network Readiness Index 2022 (NRI 2022) study, India has climbed up six places and is currently ranked 61st in the world. In its latest iteration of 2022, the NRI Report maps the network-based readiness landscape of 131 economies based on their performances in four different pillars: Technology, People, Governance, and Impact covering a total of 58 variables. The NRI report has been prepared by the Portulans Institute, an independent non-profit, nonpartisan research and educational institute based in Washington DC, USA.

India has not only improved its ranking, but also its score, which has increased from 49.74 in 2021 to 51.19 in 2022.  It is worth noting that India leads in a number of indicators. The report states that India secured 1st rank in “AI talent concentration”, 2nd rank in “Mobile broadband internet traffic within the country” as well as “International Internet bandwidth”, 3rd rank in “Annual investment in telecommunication services” alongside “Domestic market size”, 4th rank in “ICT Services exports”, 5th rank in “FTTH/Building Internet subscriptions” and “AI scientific publications”.

According to the NRI-2022 report, India has greater network readiness than would be expected given its income level. India is ranked third among 36 lower-middle-income countries, trailing only Ukraine (50) and Indonesia (59). In all pillars and sub-pillars, India outperforms the income group average.

In terms of Global Rankings, USA has overtaken the 1st spot from the Netherlands (4th) as the most network-ready society. Other top five countries in the list are Singapore (2nd), Sweden (3rd), and Switzerland (5th).

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