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Launching of District Level COVID-Dashboard and web portal of District COVID Management & Control Centre (District Hisar, Haryana) on 08/09/2020

Deepak Sawant, Haryana sawant[dot]deepak[at]nic[dot]in
  |   Sep 15, 2020
Launching of COVID-Dashboard and web portal of District COVID management & Control Centre by Dr Priyanka Soni, IAS (Deputy Commissioner, Hisar)
Launching of COVID-Dashboard and web portal of District COVID management & Control Centre by Dr Priyanka Soni, IAS (Deputy Commissioner, Hisar)

Dashboard Screenshot
Dashboard Screenshot

In on-going efforts, to fight and flatten with the curb of spreading of CORONA virus, the District Administration Hisar with the ICT support of National Informatics Centre, District Centre Hisar launched an analytical Dashboard for COVID- Dashboard and an integrated web based application for COVID management and control centre. Both the applications are being supervised and updated by the health officials in coordination with NIC –District Centre, Hisar.

Both the applications were inaugurated by the Dr Priyanka Soni, IAS (Deputy Commissioner, Hisar) on 8th September 2020 at Mini Secretariat Hisar.

COVID-19 Dashboard (District Hisar)

The dashboard has been hooked on the official web site of the District Hisar and citizen may aware about the COVID cases in the District as detailed hereunder

Total Swab

Total Positive

Total Deaths

Total Recovered

Total Active




Graphical Presentations

- Month wise COVID 19 cases (Numbers) in the District under Bar graph

- Positive Cases analysis under pie charts and line graphs

- Month wise COVID 19 cases (percentage) in the District under Bar graph

- Swab testing and positive cases analysis month wise under comparative Bar Graphs

- Month wise positive rate (%)


Details of COVID Hospitals – DCH/DCHC/DCCC)

  - Total Available of Beds with infrastructures

  - All Hospitals and related infrastructure details on Google Map

  - All Containment Zone marking and made available on Google Map


Beds in DCH

Beds in DCHC


Total Beds District

Integrated Application for District COVID Management and Control Centre


Preamble: The control Centre /Call Centre /Help line was established in the DAC complex and Civil Hospital Hisar to extend the support and help to the citizen of the district and working 24x7 basis. It was felt by that the control centre is not fully aware by the decisions /orders issued by the District Administration and Health officials either taken in public interest to serve the citizen specially in lock down or on day to matters and henceforth to fight with & curb the spreading of CORONA viruses. It became necessity that the officials posted on control centres should be much more equipped with the various decisions.

Decision: With this objective the National Informatics Centre, District Unit Hisar developed an integrated portal for District COVID management and Control centre whereas numbers of portals (MIS) are being reflected as a help to the application under control centre so that the officials may respond to the citizen in more effective and authenticated manner.

Following applications are being integrated on single portal:

Health Issues

To view the requirement of ambulance, COVID test, COVID test report, Containment Zones /buffer zones, Government Hospitals, MIS for Contact tracing (Number of persons came into contact with the COVID positive patient)

Control Centre

The control centre or help line is for serving the citizens of the District during the COVID on various issues related with the citizen. Two control centres at District Administrative Complex and Government Hospital Hisar and serving 24x7 basis. The application support to manage the calls and issues and to serve the citizens

Online COVID Test Report

The COVID-19 test within District Hisar only -To view the result of test, it requires to enter sample collection date and mobile number provided during the day of test. OTP shall be for verification. The Report shall also be downloaded and printed whereas QR code features on reports imprinted. SMS on the individual numbers are also being sent

Permissions during COVID

Permissions are crucial to fight against the pandemic COVID-19, as the case of lockdown or during the various phases of unlocking. Number of permissions like gathering during some special event like marriage, allowing transport and opening of Industries, permissions during funeral

General Issues like Groceries

An android based mobile App for establishing connectivity between the various services providers/ vendors including enterprises, shops and essential commodities suppliers with the intended consumers.

New Arrivals

This will help administration to trace the movement history of the arriving persons and those not reporting/contacting to the authorities for health check-up. Any person can call at COVID help line 01662-31137 or 1950 to report such incoming person nearby. The SSP (Hisar and Hansi) and Civil Surgeon provided the access to track on such new arrivals


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