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J and K : Web Portal to facilitate the movement of stranded persons launched by Jammu and Kashmir Government

Jit Raj, Jammu and Kashmir jit[dot]raj[at]nic[dot]in
  |   May 19, 2020
Home page of Web Portal showing the facilities available on portal

Sample copy of the e-Pass Generated through the Web Portal

Jammu & Kashmir Government has launched a web portal URL :  on 18.05.2020 to facilitate its residents stranded in other parts of the country. The portal enables giving updates to those registered and also allows a person to check his application status.

The portal has been developed in house by NIC J&K team in a very short time frame.  The portal received more than 2156 plus hits in a span of just two hours after the launch.

In order to have regulated arrival to enable testing and to control the spread of COVID -19, the portal allows the government to issue authorization for travel to individuals/groups as per the capacity.

On approval of movement by the competent authority, i.e. the Nodal Officer, a SMS goes to the stranded person informing him of such authorization. This authorization is the consent of the Government of J&K to receive that person. This authorization can be downloaded or it can be kept in the electronic form on the mobile and has to be shown to the concerned District Magistrate for issuance of movement pass as per the SOP of the MHA in case of road journey.

If the returnee is part of a group, the registration of only the Group Head has been updated on the portal – enabling the entire group to travel as and when the arrangements are in place. Facility to add/edit and upload list of group members also provided on the portal.

The system has whitelisted the registered e-Mail IDs and registered Mobile Phone Numbers of the Nodal Officers of all States and UTs of India. Whenever a Nodal Officer of any state / UT wants to see the list of cases of stranded persons from J&K in their state / UT, the servers sends them an OTP which enables them to view those lists, arrange for passes and facilitate the journey of such persons towards J&K. They share this information and the journey details with J&K authorities who can decide further on modes and dates on intra-state transfer, quarantine, medical tests etc.

In the pipeline (and likely to be launched in a day or two) is the reverse flow feature which would enable people of other states who are stranded in J&K to apply online for movement out of J&K to their respective states.


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