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Hon'ble Chief Minister, Himachal Pradesh Presents Paperless Budget

Sandeep Sood, Himachal Pradesh sood[dot]sandeep[at]nic[dot]in
  |   Mar 13, 2020
Sh. Jai Ram Thakur Hon'ble Chief Minister, Himachal Pradesh presenting 1st Paperless Budget on 6th March, 2020 at 11 A.M. using e-Vidhan Application

Honourable Chief Minister, Himachal Pradesh Sh. Jai Ram Thakur presented 1st Paperless Budget in the House of the Himachal Pradesh Vidhan Sabha on 6th March, 2020 at 11 A.M. using the e-Vidhan Application, which has been developed by the NIC Himachal Pradesh. 

The Finance Department, Himachal Pradesh also submitted the budget online to the H.P. Vidhan Sabha for paperless budget presentation by the Honourable Chief Minister, Himachal Pradesh. The Finance Department, Himachal Pradesh has been preparing the complete Annual Financial Budget electronically using the eBudget application developed by NIC Himachal Pradesh since 1995 and the process has been made online using the web application since 2010.

The presentation of the budget speech was made live by the NIC over webcast at the link which was also integrated by the media channels with their software for further telecasting and facebook of the Honourable Chief Minister, Himachal Pradesh.

The e-Vidhan application has been implemented in HP Vidhan Sabha since 2014 and covers all major activities of the house. Online Dashboards have been designed in e-Vidhan Application for Honourable Speaker, Ministers, MLAs, Secretaries, HODs and Nodal Officers. MY PAGE facility is available in mobile app in addition to PUBLIC PAGE for Honourable Speaker, Ministers and Members to quickly access the information related to themselves during session and meeting of the House Committees.

The Digital Paperless House using various software and hardware components such as Touch Screen e-Book, Mobile/Tablet App, Time Management App, Display Wall Panels, e-Voting, e-Notes, Audio/Video Streaming, Video Conferencing and Biometric Attendance eliminates the use of manual papers.

Four Awards have been conferred to the e-Vidhan Application of the H.P. Vidhan Sabha (Three National and One State Civil Services Award).

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