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e-Counselling Services

Dr. Neeta Verma
  |   October 2020

e-Counselling services developed by NIC are the result of a focussed effort to put the best use of technology for bringing transparency in the admission process of the educational institutions in our country. This has also led to the implementation of a common selection process across...

Remedies for cyber security challenges cannot be uncertain as they pose a serious threat in all sectors such as governance, health care, finance, and transport. Just as the corona virus can be kept away by simple steps like social distancing and the use of masks and sanitizers, cyber...

Since inception in 2009, more than 100 departments have been using OJAS platform for their recruitments of various class I, II & III posts. Over 2000 exams have already been conducted using the portal. In 2014, the system was made compulsory by the Government of Gujarat for any type of recruitment....

SAMPADA Suite - Enabling the Food Processing Sector in India

  |   October 2020

NIC has developed a web based application suite named Sampada Portal (https:// for various schemes under which the Ministry provides grants to various promoters desirous of setting up Food Processing Facilities.

Students, farmers, pensioners, disabled, poor, and vulnerable sections of the society comprising the bulk beneficiaries of the various schemes of the government of Bihar had a pleasant surprise when they swiftly and securely received their share of fund benefit directly into their bank...

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Prayas - Pursuing Excellence in Governance

Prayas provides powerful visualizations, robust analytics and actionable insights to enable Government to align well with key...

Indian Customs EDI Systems - Taking Ease of Doing Business to greater heights

A significant step was taken in the year 2009, to transform the then existing ICES Application to a uniform and centr...

AABHAR - The Digital integrated pension system with mobile app eKoshLite (Pension Corner)

AABHAR,the web enabled pension portal is a fully integrated end-to-end processbased solution facilitating all proces...