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Sensitization Workshop for Collectors and SPs on the dynamic portal of Odisha State Election Commission

A. K. Hota, Odisha ak[dot]hota[at]nic[dot]in
  |   Jan 11, 2017
Dignitaries during the workshop

NIC team coordinating the online session

State Election Commission, Odisha organised the Conference of all Collectors and Superintendent of Police on 6th January 2016 which was organised at RD Conference Hall, State Secretariat.

The conference was chaired by Dr.  R. N. Senapati, IAS (Retd) State Election Commissioner, in presence of Sri R Balakrishnan, IAS, Development Commissioner, DG Police, ADG Police,  Collectors and SPs of 30 Districts and RDCs.

Dr. R. N. Behera, STD and his team organized the presentation on recently inaugurated dynamic portal of Odisha State Election Commission to sensitize the Collectors and SPs on use and monitoring of the online complaints, letters, instructions and guidelines of Commission.

The portal contains information and functions of the Commission, Organogram, and Directory etc. A voter can download the voters’ list, search his/her name in the voters’ list, lodge complaint online to the Commission regarding any violation of code of conduct, any type of wrong doings by any political party etc. The Commission would then send the complaint to the Collector, SP or BDO to investigate the matter and report him back. The portal facilitates Collector, SP and BDO to login to the system and take action on the complaint and report to the Commission back. They can also download letters, instructions and guidelines, handbook etc sent from the Commission from time to time.

Participants appreciated the effort put in by NIC, Odisha State Centre.

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