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Unique to MCL – Apart from COAL it is e-PROCUREMENT

A. K. Hota, Odisha ak[dot]hota[at]nic[dot]in
  |   Aug 17, 2011
CMD in meeting with NIC team

Corporate Song before Seminar

15th August is a golden letter day for MCL as new era started in MCL Governance with GePNIC implementation on this day in 2009.

Just before celebrating completion of second year of eProcurement project rollout in all the subdivisions and divisions and HQRs of MCL, Shri A.K Sahay,   Chief Managing Director (CMD), MCL took a Review meeting on 27th July 2011 at MCL HQ Sambalpur, Orissa. CMD, MCL Shri Sahay while appreciating the achievements of MCL stressed the need to undertake more activities comprising Global tenders and Global participations.

A meeting followed this to discuss on various implementation issues & future enhancement needs of GePNIC. A meeting was also conducted with executives of Axis Bank on online tender fee and EMD collection through eProcurement portal of MCL.

This was followed by an extensive “Knowledge Exchange Seminar” on 28th July, which did all Directors and GMs of this, Mini Ratna Company, Mahanadi Coal Fields Limited, attend. Shri M Manivannan, STD, NIC Chennai, addressed the participants of the Knowledge Exchange Seminar with a stress on National Scenario as the Chief Guest.

Shri A. K. Singh Director (Tech) P & P, MCL thanked NIC team for their continuous support to make MCL’s eProcurement journey successful. He opined that eProcurement has immensely helped MCL in getting competitive price in finalizing tenders. There has been a significant reduction in vigilance cases in comparison with post eProcurement scenario. He requested NIC team to take up eAuctions of coal in the next phase. 

Shri S. K Bhanja led the team of MCL core group of eProcurement and presented the progress, the facts, the achievements and the short falls in the system.  A summary of the entire presentation is as follows.

Status till  27.07.2011

Date of Implementation of e-Procurement in MCL        15.08.2009
Total No. of Tenders Published             3526
Total Value of Tenders Published    Rs.2952.52  Cr.
Total No. of Tenders Opened                  2785
Total Value of Tenders Opened     Rs.2522.09  Cr.
Total No. of Tenders Awarded                  1392
Total Value of Tenders Awarded     Rs.1067.25  Cr.
Average Cycle Time (Publish of NIT till decision of L-1)  27 days
Average Cycle Time (Publish of NIT till Award of Work)  69 days
LOWEST Cycle Time (Publish of NIT till decision of L-1)  15 days
LOWEST Cycle Time (Publish of NIT till Award of Work)  21 days
Maximum No. of Bidders participated in one tender  17

The figures are self-explanatory which clearly depicts the immediate benefits of GePNIC implementations. The average cycle time (from Publication of NIT to award of work) has been drastically reduced from 150 days to 70 days. The minimum cycle time has been observed to be 21 days. With the reduced cycle time the bidders can quote a realistic price. Secondly the blocking period of bidders EMD has also been reduced leading to immense stakeholders’ satisfactions. For each day of reduction in time there is a considerable saving in terms of Downtime cost and Project Overrun cost. Apart from these benefits there are benefits of increase in bidders’ base and elimination of subjective decisions while tender evaluation as MCL is the only company who has introduced the unique Technical Evaluation module of GePNIC.
The review and seminar meeting was attended by the NIC, Chennai team led by Shri M Manivannan, Sr.T.D and Orissa Team led by Shri A.K Hota, TD under the able guidance of Shri S. K. Panda, SIO & Sr. T.D, NIC Orissa.

Shri Tapan Prakash Ray, TD & RA,  Shri Nihar Ranjan Biswal, Scientist-D, Shri Rudra Prasad Dash, DIO, Sambalpur, actively participated during seminar and review meetings.

With such massive success of MCL, All team members of NIC were felicitated by MCL followed by vote of thanks by Shri S.K.Shrivastava, SE Civil, MCL. Shri O.P.Mishra, SE Civil MCL very nicely anchored the seminar.

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