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From the States

                                             job seekers in the state to register for various
                                             employment schemes notified by the state
               IC  Assam  has  played  a  significant   departments. The portal was launched by the
            Nrole in the digital growth story of   Hon’ble Chief Minister of Assam in September
            Assam. Since its inception, NIC Assam   2022. The portal is developed by the State Centre
            has worked hand in hand with the State   and registers the job seekers by simply seeding
            Government to identify the unique needs   their Aadhaar.
            and  requirements  of  state  residents  in
            order to provide a more inclusive and   eCounselling
            accessible digital  experience. Further,   eCounselling  process  for  a  total  of  128
            it aims to develop strategies for creating   Government and Private Industrial Training
            an  efficient,  effective,  and  robust   Institutes (ITIs) involving 1,56,905 seats has been
            eGovernance  system  for  the  state  and   achieved by the end of 2022. Further, the facility
                            achieving  the   for the digital management of all ITIs of Assam
                            common goal of   will be completed in near future.
                            creating a Digital
                            Assam.           Assam State Awards Portals
                                               Two prominent award portals were launched in
                                             2022 for State Civilian Awards and Teachers Award
                                             respectively.                                               Drugsfree
                                             •  State Civilian Awards
                                             •  State Teacher’s Award
                         Dr. Suchitra Pyarelal  (
                         Dy. Director General & SIO  Mobile Apps                      Matsya Baibhav
                                             Matsya Baibhav
                                               Matsya Baibhav has been developed by NIC,
          It has all security features in place including   Assam State Centre for Department of Fisheries,
          two-factor authentication with Digital Signature   Assam to geo-tag the assets created under Ghare   Drugsfree Assam
          Certificate.                       Ghare Pukhuri Ghare Ghare Maach (GGPGGM)   Drugsfree Assam allows any citizen to report
           Assam was on-boarded on the system in 2015                            any suspicious activity / person like storing,
          and since then, a total of 42,550 tenders of value   scheme in the first  Phase  with the following   selling, transporting, using or promoting drugs to
          ₹1.86 lakh crore have been floated in the state.  •  To build a common platform for monitoring of   the police.
          ICT Application in Elections       the schemes                         COVID-19 Initiatives
          managing all ICT-related activities of election  •  To get the summary status of the GGPGGM  •  Corona Virus Alert Assam (COVAAS) is a one-
           NIC  Assam  has  been  at  the  forefront  of
                                                                                 stop mobile alert application that brings services
          management for the State Government since early   scheme through the dashboard and graphical   and information alerts related to the pandemic
          1990s.  Besides  its flagship solution eNirvachan,   representation of consolidated data and detailed   onto a single platform for the convenience of the
          Assam became the second state in the country   status through various reports  administration and citizens
          to  implement  the  Force  Deployment  Software   •  To view the presence of ponds / tanks in the   •  Covid  Suraksha  a  web-based  application  for
          and Eletraces for randomised deployment of   map with detailed parameters  managing and monitoring home quarantine cases
          security forces and tracking of EVMs during Assam   •  To build a system where dashboard and reports   across the state
          Legislative Assembly Elections 2021.                                   •
                                             are accessible to public              Online ePass for inter-state and inter-district
          Employment Exchange Portal         GeoRurban                           movement during lockdown
          (   GeoRurban App for monitoring physical   •  COVID-19 Advisory Portal  is  a  web  equiva-
           The Employment Exchange Portal is an   progress of the Rurban scheme by geo-tagging   lent of COVAAS and provides information on all
          initiative by the State Government to facilitate   the assets.         COVID-related schemes, district-wise case details,
                                                                                 and central / state government issued advisories
                                                                                 Infrastructure Support and
              Fig. 1.5: Assam State Portal developed using ePrastuti web framework
                                                                                 Network Services
                                                                                 Regional Centre of Excellence in
                                                                                 Application Security (RCoEAS)
                                                                                   RCoEAS was established in Guwahati to provide
                                                                                 state-of-the-art security solutions and services
                                                                                 for the ICT needs of North-eastern States. It
                                                                                 provides following services:
                                                                                 •  Application Security Audit Compliance
                                                                                 •  Mobile App Security Testing
                                                                                 •  Automated Scan
                                                                                 •  Comprehensive Security Assessments
                                                                                 •  Server Compliance

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