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From the States
         From the S tates

          Assam State

          Ushering in a new era of good governance

          by strengthening efficiency, transparency &
          effectiveness through ICT

          Edited by MOHAN DAS VISWAM

              IC Assam State Centre started its operations                       ICT Initiatives in the State
              in 1986. Since then, it has been the ICT                             Some of the major ICT initiatives implemented
         Nbackbone  for the State by connecting   NIC Assam State Centre was     by the NIC Assam are:
          various  state government offices with  the rest
          of the world through NICNET and NKN nodes.   established with a goal of writing   Mission Basundhara
          It oversees 33 District Centres, which act as the   an inclusive and sustainable growth   (
                                                                                   Mission Basundhara is a flagship program
                                               story for Assam - the land of red   launched by the Department of Revenue and
                                               river  and  blue  hills  -  through  the   Disaster Management, Government of  Assam
                                                                                 in a bid to digitise and integrate maps and land
                                               effective  use  of  information  and   records of Assam under the Digital India Land
                                                                                 Records Modernisation  Programme  (DILRMP).  It
                       Diganta Barman          communication technology. Since   aims to aid in securing the land rights of indig-
                       Dy. Director General    its inception in 1986, the State   enous population, especially poor and disadvan-
                       & ASIO (State)                                            taged sections and get their land related works
                         Centre has collaborated with the   done. For this purpose, 672 non-cadastral villages
                                               State Government to formulate     were surveyed and 18,789 cadastral villages of 27
                                                                                 districts were re-surveyed. Further, a portal of the
                                               ICT strategies for developing an   same name was launched to streamline land rev-
                                                                                 enue related services.
                       Kavita Barkakoty                                            In the first phase, citizens could apply for 10
                       Sr. Technical Director  efficient, effective, and robust
                       & ASIO (Districts)      eGovernance system for the state   services. Out of 8,13,981 applications received,
                                                      5,82,688 were successfully processed by the
                                               and achieving a  common  dream  of   set deadline of 8th May 2022. The phenomenal
                                                                                 success of the first phase prompted the State
                                               Digital Assam.                    Government to launch Mission Basundhara 2.0 on
                                                                                 14th November 2022 with the addition of seven
                       Rubaiyat Ul Ali                                           new services. Since the launch of the second
                       Sr. Technical Director                                    phase, a total of 2,54,250 applications have been
                       & ASIO (Districts)                                        received till date. Further, the online payment
                                                        of land revenue for multiple properties using
                                                                                 a single payment window was promoted in the
                                             incubation ground for new ICT initiatives across   second phase. These services are also integrated
                                             the  districts.  It  also  manages  the  Regional   with the Assam Right to Public Services portal.
                                             Centre  of Excellence for Application Security   In  addition  to  the  Mission  Basundhara,
                       S. K. Dekaraja        (RCoEAS) in Guwahati, which aims to strengthen   SVAMITVA (Survey of Villages and Mapping
                       Sr. Technical Director  and  accelerate  application  security adoption by   with Improvised Technology in Village Areas)
                       & ASIO (Districts)    ensuring the security of web applications and   – a Centrally Sponsored Scheme by Ministry of
                 server infrastructure across all North Eastern   Panchayati Raj – for mapping of land parcels
                                             states.                             using drone technology and providing Record of

          04  January 2023
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