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                                                                         Rajesh Gera
                                                                         Director General, NIC

                                               I hope that you and your loved ones have a wonderful start to the new
                                             year. With each passing year comes the promise of a new beginning and
                                             the opportunity to make positive changes in one’s life.
                                               Today, one way to describe us humans is as technological beings. Our
                                             beliefs, culture, and lifestyle have all been impacted by the numerous
                                             technological innovations that have emerged throughout history.
                                             Technology has transformed our lives into a global phenomenon and is
                                             now one of the most influential forces in shaping our world.
                                               We are fortunate that both our Government and Citizens have recognised
                                             the power of technology and embraced it with open arms. For the last four
                            20               and half decades, their combined energies have spirited our minds and
                                             inspired us to come up with a number of digital offerings to meet their
                                             growing needs. These offerings have not only integrated a large section
                                             of historically marginalised groups into the mainstream section of the
                                             society, but made them a part of active governance. Our recent offerings
                                             – Ayushmaan Bharat Health Account (ABHA), OneMap City Series, and
                                             Integrated Road Accident Database (iRAD) — are just a few examples of it.
                            44                 Invigorated  by the  support and  appreciation  showered on us,  NIC is
                                             entering a new phase of evolution. Digital India Awards 2022 paves the
                                             way in this regard. These awards have propagated NIC’s human-centred
                                             approach to technology and served as a model for other organisations to
                                             create digital solutions for the larger good. Further, the recently assumed
                                             presidency of the G20 forum has heightened the role of NIC as the digital
                                             brain to the Government. It has incited us to develop solutions that
 Editorial  02  Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan    28
                                             facilitate greater knowledge-sharing and ensure reaching to the remaining
   Leh, Ladakh                  30           citizens in remotest regions of the country.
 DG’s Message     03
   Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh       32
                                               I am confident in our capacity to seize the opportunities before us and
 From the States                             bring honour to the organisation as a team.
 Assam  04  eGov Products & Services           I would like to extend my warm wishes again for 2023 and beyond.
 Chandigarh  10  MeriPehchaan   34
 Goa  16  ABHA                  37
                                               -Rajesh Gera
 Infocus  Appscape              40
 Digital India Awards   22
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 Puri, Odisha        26  Accolades  47

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