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           Kritagyata is an offering of the Hon’ble Chief
          Minister to the State Government Pensioners as
          a mark of gratitude towards their long service
          to the Assam Government. It is an all-compre-
          hensive pension sanction and payment tracking
          system, which aims to streamline and simplify
          pension processing in the state, thereby ensuring
          smooth disbursement of pensionary benefits to
          the retirees.
           Kritagyata is based on the Bhavishya Platform,
          developed by NIC for Central Government
          employees. It has a user-friendly interface which
          provides all required information, automates
          calculation of pension benefits, enables real-
          time application status tracking, and initiates   Fig. 1.2: Hon’ble Union Minister of Finance, Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman in the august presence of Hon’ble
          activity and status alerts. Till date, a total of 10348   Chief Minister, Himanta Biswa Sarma launching the ARTPS Portal to facilitate digital citizen services by
          pension cases have been  processed and  7166   the various state departments under one roof.
          PPOs have been generated.
           Further to augment the Kritagyata services,   Act (2012) and aims to provide citizen services in   schemes, a total of ₹1615.47 crore have been
          Jeevan Pramaan (Digital Life Certificate System)   a time bound manner. Around 128 services of 20   sanctioned at the state level and ₹897.64 crore
          has also been rolled out in the state around July   state government departments, three autono-  have been sanctioned at the district level through
          2021 to facilitate retirees to give life proof online   mous territorial councils, and one municipal cor-  the system. In future, two more schemes viz.
          through registered devices instead of having to   poration have already been brought under this   “Assam Darshan’’ and “Axom Adarxo Gram Yojana”
          personally visit disbursing banks. Till date, a total   platform. The platform includes the Service De-  will also be boarded to the system.
          of over 6,000 DLCs have been generated and 2,500   livery Portal, Grievance and Appeal Management
          DLCs have been successfully processed.  modules and a comprehensive MIS Dashboard.  Public Distribution System (PDS)
                                               The platform is going to be renamed as “Sewa  Assam
          Assam CM Dashboard                 Setu”, marking the efforts by state government   PDS aims to facilitate the supply of food grains
          (  to  provide  all-inclusive  governance.  It  will  be  a   and distribution of essential commodities to a
           Assam CM Dashboard is an all-comprehensive   single-entry point to access a variety of digital   large number of poor people through a network
          dashboard developed to assist the Office   G2C (ARTPS, non-ARTPS), G2B, B2C, B2B services,   of Fair Price Shops (FPSs) at a subsidised price on
          of Hon’ble Chief Minister of Assam, in order   as well as utility services.   a recurring basis.
          to assess and evaluate the performance of                                In Assam, NIC has provided all centralised
          various  eGovernance  schemes  in  real-time  to  Niyukti              software solutions for smooth functioning of
          the level of Gram Panchayats. It has helped the   (  the system. It hosts and maintains several ePDS
          government to become more productive, efficient   Niyukti is a comprehensive web solution   software and provides all technology support for
          and transparent.  The dashboard fetches data   developed for recruiting agencies to advertise and   the digitization, in addition to handling massive
          dynamically  through  APIs  from  all  eGovernance   fill up vacancies in their respective departments.   data generated by the system.
          schemes and reflects the data against pre-  It is developed using the open-source technology   As on 29th December 2022, Assam has over 56
          defined  Key  Performance  Indicators  (KPIs)  in   stack and audited for security. As of December   lakh ration cards with 2.02 crore beneficiaries.
          a visually-appealing manner. As of now, the   2022, a total of 37 recruitment drives have been   Among 34,095 FPSs across the state, 98.68% of
          dashboard displays data from 50 projects, with 22   made for the total posts of 46 vacancies, for which   sales transactions of food grains are carried out
          more schemes in the near future.   the portal has received 74,476 applications.  through ePoS devices. Among the Ration Cards,
          Assam Right to Public Services     eRupantor                           98.6% are Aadhaar-seeded.
          (ARTPS) Platform                   (    One Nation One Ration Card (ONORC)
          (         eRupantor is an end-to-end monitoring system   ONORC is an ambitious technology-driven
           The ARTPS platform is a noteworthy initiative   that monitors the physical and financial progress   endeavour of the Department of Food and Public
          by the Government of Assam to provide an end-  of all development projects under various state   Distribution, Government of  India  to  ensure
          to-end citizen-centric service delivery. It draws   government schemes and programs, viz. MLAADS,   seamless delivery of subsidised food-security
          its power from the Assam Right to Public Service   United Fund and SUHRID. Till date, under these   entitlements to all beneficiaries covered under
                                                                                 the National Food Security Act (NFSA) 2013,
              Fig. 1.3: Hon’ble Chief Minister Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma launching CM-TRANS at Guwahati  irrespective of physical location anywhere in the
                                                                                 country. In order to provide the same facilities
                                                                                 to migrant workers, the State Government
                                                                                 implemented the system on 1st June 2022, in the
                                                                                 state as well.
                                                                                 State Public Procurement Portal of
                                                                                 Assam (SPPP Assam)
                                                                                   State Public Procurement Portal of Assam
                                                                                 (SPPP Assam) is an all-comprehensive platform
                                                                                 to access tender related information issued by
                                                                                 the state government departments, state public
                                                                                 sector enterprises, and every other organisation

          06  January 2023
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