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              VOL. 31 No. 3, January 2023                                                                               22

              PATRON                                ata has evolved as a valuable resource for both
              RAJESH GERA                           citizens and governments. With the rise of High-
                                               DSpeed Internet, Cloud Storage, and Artificial
              ADVISORY PANEL                   Intelligence, even small organisations can now leverage
              I.P.S. Sethi                     data to acquire an accurate view of evolving citizen
              Pawan Kumar Joshi                demands. It should come as no surprise that data
                                               provides tremendous potential for enhanced  growth.
              Manoj Kumar Mishra
              Ajay Singh Chahal                  As  the country has  undergone  significant changes,                   10
                                               almost every sector has benefited from the availability
              EDITOR                           of data. During the COVID-19 pandemic, data was
              Mohan Das Viswam                 extensively used for contact tracing, hotspot prediction,
                                               and supply distribution. The necessity of data became
                                               clear especially during the implementation of
              ZONAL EDITORS                    lockdowns, when critical situations demanded prompt
              Mukesh Kumar Ralli               responses based on data-driven decisions.
              Kavita Barkakoty
              Reuban K.                          Data also plays a critical role in producing significant               13
              A.K. Dadhichi                    societal returns, which is a promising sign for the
                                               future. Henceforth, data as an asset must be nurtured
                                               and used along with the responsibility of protecting
              WEB VERSION                      citizens from its potential misuse.
              Sunil Sunsunwal
              Archana Sharma                     Continuing the tradition of excellence in 2023, we
                                               are pleased to present the coverage of the Digital
                                               India Awards 2022, a landmark event held to recognise
              DESIGN & CONTENT SUPPORT         excellence in eGovernance, at which the Honorable
              Mukesh Bharti                    President of India, Smt. Droupadi Murmu presented 22
              Hemendra Kumar Saini
                                               winning teams in seven award categories. In addition,
                                               we have a collection of articles commemorating the
              PRINT & CIRCULATION              influence of NIC on the lives of ordinary citizens. We
              Publications Division, NIC       covered the success stories of Assam, Chandigarh, and
                                               Goa, as well  as four award-winning districts, namely
              PUBLISHED BY                     Puri, Sri Ganganagar, Leh, and Bilaspur. This edition
              National Informatics Centre      also  presents MeriPehchaan and ABHA, two citizen-
              Ministry of Electronics & IT     centric digital services designed and developed by NIC.                  25
              Government of India              These are followed by our regular news sections, which
              A-Block, CGO Complex, Lodhi Road  include Appscape, In The News, International eGov, and
              New Delhi-110003, INDIA          Accolades.
                                                 Behind the scenes, we are continuously enhancing
              CONTACT ADDRESS                  the publication by improving the quality of our content
              INFORMATICS                      and design. Your feedback is valued most. It would be   Contents                   District Informatics
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              New Delhi-110003, INDIA          may be addressed to                                            Leh, Ladakh                  30
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              Email:        Enjoy reading, and stay safe and healthy.        DG’s Message          03
                                                                                                                                  eGov Products & Services
                                               -Editor                                          From the States
                                                                                                                                  MeriPehchaan                 34
                                                                                                Assam                 04          ABHA                         37
                                                                                                Chandigarh            10
                                                                                                Goa                   16          Appscape                     40
                                                                                                                                  In the News                  42
                                                                                                Infocus                           International eGov Update    46
                                                                                                Digital India Awards   22         Accolades                    47

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