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          Tamil Nadu State

          A Pioneer in Digital Governance

          NIC Tamil Nadu State Centre           amil Nadu, located in extreme south India, is
                                                bounded by the Indian Ocean to the east and
          provides consistent support        Tsouth and by the states of Kerala to the west,
                                             Karnataka to the northwest, and Andhra Pradesh
          to the Government of Tamil         to the north. The tourism industry of Tamil Nadu
          Nadu, Central Departments          is the largest in India, with an annual growth rate
                                             of 16 percent. The region was ruled by several
          and PSU’s situated in Tamil        regimes, including the “three crowned rulers” –
                                             Chera, Chola and Pandyan states, which shape
          Nadu, in their endeavours to       the region’s cuisine, culture, and architecture. The
                                             economy of Tamil Nadu is the second-largest in
          fully develop e-governance         India. Tamil Nadu is the most urbanised state in
                                                                                     NIC Tamil Nadu  State  has  been the
          solutions, specifically citizen    India, and one of the most industrialised states;   technology partner with the Government
                                             the manufacturing sector accounts for more than
          centric solutions, for the         one-third of the state’s GDP.         of  Tamil  Nadu  in  all  the  citizen  centric
                                               NIC Tamil Nadu has provided consistent   applications.  The  State  achieved  laurels
          benefit of the common man,         support to the Government of Tamil Nadu, Central   in  many  e-initiatives,  thanks  to  NIC  for
                                             Departments and PSU’s situated in Tamil Nadu,   technical support. Revenue Services, So-
          and to ensure improvement in       since 1988 in their endeavours to fully develop   cial Security Schemes, Grievance Day Pe-
                                             e-governance solutions for the benefit of the   tition, MIS PDL, DBT, e-Office are some of
          Government services and wider      common man. NIC Tamil Nadu has provided   the important web based software appli-
          transparency of both state and     NICNET connectivity, more importantly in recent   cations with which the citizens, business
                                             days, high speed Gigabit Network National   community and Government at large are
          central Governments.               Knowledge Network (NKN) connectivity to IIT’s,   benefitted. The team at NIC Tamil Nadu
                                             various premier Universities in Tamil Nadu and   has  vast  domain  knowledge  in  all  key
                                             reputed Institutions of National importance for   areas of Government and  the technical
                                             research purposes, apart from Government of   competency to offer solutions. I am very
                                             Tamil Nadu and its State Data Centre Operations   happy  to  note  that  Informatics  October
                                             for  day  to  day  activities.  NIC  Tamil  Nadu  has   2021  is  showcasing  the  e-initiatives  of
                                             specialised divisions for Mobile Development and   NIC in Tamil Nadu State. I wish the NIC
                                             Open Source Technology Group (OTG) for all open   Tamil Nadu team the very best in all their
                                             source development & research activities across   future  endeavours  and  look  forward  to
                                             the country.                          their continued support for the State in
                                                                                   e-Governance initiatives.
                                             ICT Initiatives in the State
                                             Vahan & Sarathi
                                               Web based version of Vahan and Sarathi   THIRU K. PHANINDRA REDDY, IAS
                                             (version 4) has been implemented successfully   Principal Secretary Revenue Administration,
                                             in all 145 RTO Offices  located across Tamil Nadu.   Government of Tamil Nadu
                                             m-Vahan (Fitness App)
                                               m-Vahan  App  has  been  successfully
                                             implemented in all 145 RTOs of Tamil Nadu for   Traffic Violators can pay the fine amount
                                             conducting  Fitness Check by authorized Motor   through Net banking, Debit Card, UPI and post
                                             Vehicle Inspectors.  An average of 5000 to 10000   Office.
                         K. Srinivasa        FCs being done every Month.
                         Raghavan                                                Intelligent Traffic Management
                         Dy. Director General   e-Challan  is  a  Centralised  Application  System (ITMS)
                         & SIO                                                     ITMS System is app cum web application for
                 consisting of Android based Mobile App and
                                             web Application. Mobile App is used by the   booking challans for the traffic violations on
                                             Enforcement Officials of Transport Department   road/ traffic signals junctions through ANPR
                                             and Traffic Policemen for booking Challan against   Cameras / ANPR based CCTV Cameras, installed at
                                             Traffic Violators. More than 14 Lakhs Challans   various locations, for the Police Department.
                                             being booked every month by the enforcement   The violations captured through different
                         Beena C             Officials of Police and Transport Departments   media are processed in the ITMS system and
                         Sr. Technical Director  and an average fine amount of Rs 5 Crore being   challan issued to the violators. The system is
                    collected every Month.              integrated with Vahan and Sarathi to get the

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