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From the States

                                                                                   Transactions with 100% reconciliation
                                                                                 •  Modular Dashboard Services
                                                                                 •  GIS Integration
                                                                                 •  Mobile Apps developed:
                                                                                    ▶ To capture the Geo-location of Temples across
                                                                                   the State by Temple Officials
                                                                                    ▶ QR Code verification of Online Tickets for
                                                                                   Temple Officials
                                                                                    ▶ App for dissemination of Temple Information
                                                                                   such as Temple Deities, timings
                                                                                   Web  Based  TamilNILAM  (Tamil  Nadu
                                                                                 Information system on Land Administration and
                                                                                 Management)  is  role  based,  work  flow  based
                                                                                 application which aims to modernize management
                                                                                 of  Land  Records,  minimize  scope  of  land/
                                                                                 property disputes, enhance transparency in the
                                                                                 Land Records maintenance system. The ultimate
                                                                                 objective of Land Records Computerisation is
            Dashboard showing the statistics on Vehicle registration and revenue collection  Automatic Mutation and conclusive Titling which
                                                                                 was enabled from 23rd February, 2021.
          details of the vehicle owner /Licence holder.  (HR & CE) Department to monitor the complete   Benefits
           The ITMS system has been implemented in the   information about the Temples, its attached   •  The app facilitates instant generation of
          major traffic signals of the following districts of   properties, the revenue earned from various   Record of rights without any manual intervention.
          Tamil Nadu :                       sources,  physical  and  financial  progress  of  New   •  Citizen  view  of  ROR  is  available  in  ‘Any  Time
          •  Coimbatore: 17 Traffic Signal Junctions  temple and Temple Renovation works (Tirupani),   Any Where’ citizen Portal
                                             Budgets, Audits, provide various online Temple
          •  Salem City: 1 Traffic Junction  Services to Devotees, etc.          •  The Web Based TamilNILAM  is implemented in
          •  Tiruchirappalli: 5 Traffic Signal Junctions    ITMS is a unique Product that can be replicated   294 Taluks from October 2014
          •  Chennai: 2 Traffic Signal Junctions  in  other  States  /  UTs.  Comprehensive  Bilingual
                                             Web Portal developed completely using Open
           Implementation of ITMS in other Traffic
          Junctions of remaining Districts are in progress.  Source Tools using PHP and PostgreSQL.
                                             ITMS has been replicated in Puducherry
          Computerisation of Tamil Nadu Local   UT for 233 Temples of HRI & Wakf
          Body Elections                     Board (URL is  Agriculture
           NIC TN helped in the Computerisation of Tamil   in)                                 Registration
          Nadu Local Body Elections by developing modules   Karnataka Hindu Religious
          for Preparation of Photo Electoral Roll for 6.5   Institutions and Charitable
          Crore Voters for Tamil Nadu Local Body Elections,   Endowments Department
          Randomization of Polling officials (8 Lakh) for   has  accorded  in
          polling duty by collectors, Randomization of EVMs   principle approval for
          for Urban Local body Election. Nomination details   implementation  of
          entry of Candidate, Online Result Dissemination.  ITMS in the State of
            Photo Electoral  Roll            Karnataka.          Horticulture       TAMIL NILAM           HR & CE
                                               Discussion  with                         API
                                             Uttar  Pradesh  is  in                 INTEGRATION
                                             •  ITMS portal provides
                                             services  to  all  the
                                             Devotees / Citizens and       SIPCOT                  PDS
                                             the officials with its G2G,
                                             G2B and G2C Services.
                                             •  Dynamic Websites of 44,000+
          Integrated Temple Management       Temples in a single Portal.
          System (ITMS)                      •  eServices : Online Ticket Booking for
             Darshan during Covid19 strictly on SOP.
           An Integrated Temple Management System     ▶ Online Collection: Rs.5.90 crores through
          (ITMS) has been designed and developed for   Online Darshan Tickets and more than Rs.1.25   Land Record secured Data Sharing across
          Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments   crore towards donation through ePayment   various online applications

          10  October 2021
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