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                                    (Fund FL ow to be tracked is
                                     Rs. 2,50,000 Crore/Year)  Finance Department
                                    37 Lakh Bills/yr  Budget Preparation,
                        41 Treasuries                Allocation & Applying
                                   70 Lakh Challans/yr
                        258 Sub-Treasuries           Financial Controls
                        7 Regional Pension offices
                          4.43 Lakh Civil Pensioners
                           86 Lakh Social Security
                           Pensioners                           67 Administrative Departments
                                                                145 Departments
              Pensioner/ Citizens
                                                                204 Budget Controlling Officers
                          Bills (Paybill, TA, Medical etc.)  Work Management & Accounting
                               8.9 Lakh Employees  70% Electronic Receipts through eGRAS
                                                                                     e-Governance in Rajasthan has steadi-
                                                                                   ly  evolved.  With  a  focus  on  improving
                   Employees  45 Banks, Reserve Bank of India  Citizens & Depts  Work  public  services  delivery,  many  projects
                            Accountant General's office      Department
                                                                                   have been implemented harnessing tech-
            IFMS - The Financial Manager of Government of Rajasthan                nology. The state has also created IT infra-
                                                                                   structure reaching down to the remotest
          tion for mutation. The entire process flow for mu-  The system is used in providing services related   of villages. In this journey of growth, NIC
          tations is online which can be accessed through   to ANC, delivery, PNC, sterilisation, immunisa-  has played a pivotal role in development
          mobile as well. Apna Khata portal shares land   tion, child health, mother’s health, institutional   and  implementation  of  major  applica-
          records information with property registration   infrastructure management etc. It provides for   tions which have given end-to-end solu-
          portal, crop insurance, Raj Kisan, Jan Soochna, e   name based tracking of pregnant women and   tions to the citizen and the government.
          Mitra and many other portals.      their children. Large scale process re-engineer-  Moving with the ever-changing technolo-
          ePanjiyan  ing had seen a successful implementation of the   gy and creating new IT enabled facilities,
                                             project which covered every government health
           ePanjiyan is the online portal for property reg-  institution. Today ANMs use PCTS mobile App for   NIC team has collaborated very well with
          istration. Integrated with Apna Khata, the system   first-hand information updation from field. PCTS   the state government because of which
                                                                                   applications developed by state govern-
          provides for auto mutation of the property at the   has also bagged National e Governance Award   ment  could  be  integrated  with  national
          time of registration itself. All the 539 Sub Regis-  among other recognitions. The system has been   portals. It is a pleasure to note that In-
          trar Offices of the state are using the portal which   integrated with RCH portal of GoI. With excellent   formatics October 2021 issue is focusing
          provides for online assessment and payment of   mechanisms for monitoring of individuals, it has   on e-governance initiatives by NIC Rajas-
          stamp duty. Excessive stamp value if any is also   been used by Rajasthan government as an effec-  than.  I  would  like  to  appreciate  the  ef-
          refunded online. e Panjiyan Mobile App facilitates   tive tool for bringing down Maternal and Infant   forts and spirit of NIC Rajasthan, and wish
          on the sport verification of the property by Sub   mortality and improving immunisation and insti-  them success in their future endeavours.
          Registrar offices.  The  system  also provides  in-  tutional delivery. Integrated with large number of
          terface for property registration at the offices of   applications, today birth certificate is also pro-
          Urban Local bodies which issue the land holding   vided through PCTS app as it is integrated with
          PATTAs. More than 60 Lakh property registrations   Pehchan portal.              ALOK GUPTA, IAS
          have taken place through the system. The citi-  AshaSoft  Principal Secretary, IT&C
          zen can take prior appointments on the system.   AshaSoft is the one stop solution for the   Government of Rajasthan
          It also provides facility for anywhere registration   ASHAs (Accredited Social Health Activist) posted
          which gives lot of convenience to the citizen.   anywhere in the state. Facilities includes, perfor-
          PCTS  mance measurement and Direct Benefit Transfer
           Pregnancy and Child Tracking System (PCTS)   (DBT) for ASHAs for services provided in 48 activ-  been shared with few other states. Since the per-
          has become government’s arm for delivering   ities, Online sanctions by each MoIC (Medical Of-  formance on each parameter can be monitored
          services related to reproductive and child health   ficer In charge), Payments released by CMHOs us-  through the system, the system has resulted in
          programmes of medical department in Rajasthan.   ing his digital signatures. This Software has also   substantial improvement in service delivery.
                                                                                 Online JSY, Rajshree and ShubLaxhmi
            Pregnancy and Child Tracking System (PCTS) – Mobile App and Dashboard
                                                                                 Payment System (OJAS)
                                                                                   OJAS is the DBT system for online payments
                                                                                 for beneficiaries of various government schemes
                                                                                 related with welfare of women and children such
                                                                                 as JSY, RAJSHREE & SHUBHLAXMI. All payments of
                                                                                 JSY are done  online within 48 hours of discharge
                                                                                 from hospital. So far approximately Rs. 1820 crore
                                                                                 have been  transferred to  the bank account of
                                                                                 more than 1 crore beneficiaries using the system.
                                                                                 Integrated System for Monitoring of
                                                                                 PCPNDT Act (IMPACT) https://pcpndt.raj.
                                                                                   The system helps in effective implementation
                                                                                 of PCPNDT Act. Since the system provides pow-
                                                                                 erful surveillance mechanism, it has successfully

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