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            Hon’ble education minister Shri Govind Singh Dotasra lanching   D-Flow  - The Enterprise Framework for Data Management
            ShalaSamblan Mobile App at Jaipur.
          contributed in curbing girl child foeticide in the   Private School Portal   assembly secretariat, government departments
          state. it has also helped to improve sex ratio at   Integrated portal for Private Schools of Ra-  and citizen. All questions and motions are sub-
          birth in Rajasthan. Online record of every sonog-  jasthan State working as bridge between private   mitted online, after scrutiny the notices are
          raphy of each pregnant woman is maintained   Schools and School education department. The   served online to concerned departments, which
          online.  Presently  the  system  Covers  all  3790+   portal provides facilities for RTE admissions in-  again reply online along with all annexures. The
          registered sonography centres (Government and   cluding Online application, lottery and school   system has helped in saving a substantial amount
          private). Records of more than 2.5 crore sonogra-  allotment, Generation of installment wise auto-  of time, effort and paper. more than 1 Crore paper
          phies is available online.         mated Claim bill  of verified students and Claim   sheets are saved every year. The system is also
          Integrated ShalaDarpan             reimbursement in School’s Bank Accounts, More   used for publishing and searching Assembly pro-
      than 8 Lakh students have been benefitted so far.   ceedings online. Starting from the year 1952, pro-
           ShalaDarpan is a comprehensive portal for in-  Payment to participating schools is made online.   ceedings of all houses are available online. The
          formation  related  to  students,  teachers  and  in-  GyanSankalp  system has been shared and replicated with other
          frastructure of government schools. This covers   This is an online platform for CSR funding,   states as well.
          all 66 thousand government schools with online   donations and voluntary contributions to raise  eMulakat for Prisoners
          information of 91 Lakh Students, 4.5 Lakh Teach-  funds for the schools in Rajasthan. Funding is ac-  eMulakaat is implemented under ePrisons
          ers / Staff. The portal caters to various tasks, such   cepted under various categories such as Support   project for all Jails of Rajasthan. The system fa-
          as school admission, student academic perfor-  a Project, Donate to a School, Mukhyamantri Vidy-  cilitates jail inmates to communicate their family
          mance, result preparation, Student Transfer Cer-  adaan Kosh, Adopt a School, etc. More than Rs.   members by video call at home. Approximately
          tificate, Pre-Post Matric Scholarship distribution,   219 Crores have been collected through this portal   1.25 Lakh eMulakat sessions have been conducted
          State Board Exam Management (5th & 8th stan-  with the help of around 2.2 Lakh supporters for   for prison inmates in various jails of Rajasthan.
          dards), Staff recruitment, posting, joining and re-  supporting around  60+ thousands Government
          lieving, Staff Leave & Attendance. With the help of   school in the state. Tax exemption receipt is gen-  Quarantine Tracker for COVID
          the system, the state has been able to rationalise   erated through the system. Donor may propose /   Quarantine Tracker is a mobile based system
          the deployment of teachers which has resulted in   create a project to support any number of select-  which is useful in monitoring of quarantined per-
          availability of concerned subject teachers in every   ed schools.      sons. The mobile app tracks the movement of the
          school. The system is also used for online Annu-                       person who are quarantined and are advised iso-
          al Performance Report (APR), ACP (Annual Career   OASYS (Online Assembly System) for   lation. It provides a monitoring mechanism which
          Progression) of all teachers. The system works as  Rajasthan Legislative Assembly  ensures that the patient/ person does not move
          the  back-bone  for  the  education  department  in  to any other place during the quarantine period
          Rajasthan. All major beneficiary schemes for stu-  OASYS is a workflow-based system for trans-  and generates alerts for administration. Quaran-
          dents are administered through ShalaDarpan.   action of information between hon’ble members,   tine Tracker has been implemented in districts.
                                                                                 Rajasthan High Court
            Mobile App of Pehchan
                                                                                   Technical services in the judiciary by NIC Ra-
                                                                                 jasthan have been immensely useful for a large
                                                                                 section of the society. From High court to District
                                                                                 courts, NIC has extended its services at all levels.
                                                                                 The Case Information System (CIS 3.1) facilities for
                                                                                 Case Filing, Scrutiny, Cause List and Order Prepa-
                                                                                 ration available on portal. This has been integrat-
                                                                                 ed with National Judicial Data Grid. Case Status,
                                                                                 Orders and Judgments are available in public do-
                                                                                 main. More than 15 lakh judgments of High Court
                                                                                 and 10 lakh judgments of subordinate courts are
                                                                                 available online. Facility of display board within
                                                                                 the court campus and its integration on mobile
                                                                                 app is also quite useful for advocates. The Rajas-
                                                                                 than High Court mobile app also provides quick
                                                                                 access to cases repository which also facilitates
                                                                                 advocates and litigants to maintain their case di-

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