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          aries in the mobile app.
          Vehicle Location Tracking System,
          (VLTS) for ambulances https://vlts.

           VLTS is a real time application for vehicle track-
          ing integrated with National and State Emergency
          Response  System.  The  system  has  been  imple-
          mented for ambulance tracking in Rajasthan. All
          ambulance vehicles are fitted with VLT device and
          PANIC button. The system provides for alert dash-
          board and real time tracking of vehicle status.
          Public Distribution System (PDS)      Video Conferencing Session of Hon’ble Prime Minister with Hon’ble CM Shri Ashok Gehlot
               at CM Office, Jaipur
           A complete supply chain-based system of Pub-  ects, Photographs of work at site can be viewed   plications developed by NIC. The centre caters to
          lic Distribution has been implemented in Rajas-  online, Online stocks of Division stores, Requisi-  eight states viz ; Rajasthan, Gujrat, Maharashtra,
          than with end-to-end computerization. All Ration   tion from divisions, Supply order & receipt online,   Goa, Daman & Diu, Dadra & Nagar Haveli, Madhya
          Cards (2.06 Crore) are digitized in the state. Aad-  Water quality test reports (Chemical, Bacteriolog-  Pradesh, Lakshadweep. The centre audits web ap-
          haar seeding is done for 95 % NFSA cards. One na-  ical, Residual Chlorine, etc.), Alerts for water im-  plications, APIs and mobile applications of these
          tion one card scheme has been implemented in   purities.               states. It regularly conducts penetration testing
          the state. Citizen can apply online for ration card                    in production environment to improve security
          through any eMitra kiosks. Allocation from State  Integrated Works Monitoring System   posture of NIC.
          HQ to FPS is based on real time information of  (IWMS)
          beneficiaries and stock position at FPS. The sys-  The system is implemented for rural develop-  NICCI Chatbot Service
          tem facilitates monitoring of supplies, truck chal-  ment department. All civil works are carried out
          lans, lifting from FCI Godowns, delivery at FPS and   under various schemes using this system. Start-   NICCI is the smart Chatbot developed by NIC
          receipt acknowledgment by FPS dealers through   ing with work proposal, administrative, techni-  Rajasthan as a generic service, which can be
          mobile based service. The system has helped the   cal and financial sanction, the system is   plugged in any portal without any pro-
          state in minimizing leakages from the PDS cycle.   used for monitoring work execution on   gramming. Using proximity rules, bot
          Civil Registration System, Pehchan  regular basis. UC and work completion      rules, and language rules NICCI looks
                                                                                         for maximum weighted reply. It is
         certificates  are  also  generated with     also voice-enabled where a user can
           Unified portal for Birth, Death and Marriages   the system. More than 1.3 Lakh works   seek assistance by speaking to the
          Registration in Rajasthan, is the single source of   have been sanctioned and monitored   Bot. NICCI is enabled with interfaces
          truth for all civil registrations in the state. Used by   through the system, so far. With geotag-  in English and Hindi language. NICCI is
          all 12,500 Registrars and 3000 Sub registrars (Gov-  ging, the system also has the facility to   also equipped with a user friendly Con-
          ernment Hospitals, CHC / PHC), the system is also   upload period photographs from project site.   tent Management System (CMS) for knowledge
          accessible to 1,600 private hospitals and 80,000   It has been useful in ensuring timely completion   enhancement. It is implemented with many por-
          eMitra kiosks. A citizen can also apply online ei-  of works.          tals which also includes portals of other states.
          ther through the web portal or Pehchan mobile   Rajasthan Electricity Regulatory
          app. Digitally Signed Certificates are generated   Commission  D-Flow- The enterprise Framework
          and delivered to citizens. All certificates have QR   NIC Rajasthan has developed Case Information   for Data Management https://dflow.raj.
          code implementation which is useful for insur-  System for the commission in which advocates,
          ance agencies and citizens for authentication. So   organisations and citizen may register online for   D-Flow is an innovative and generic e-gover-
          far about 2.27 crore Registrations have been done   case filing. Petition may also be filed online with   nance tool from NIC Rajasthan. The application
          on the portal. Pehchan is integrated with applica-  the requisite fee payment. A web portal for the   is extremely useful in cases where data is to be
          tions of Medical & Health, Settlement, Palanhar   RERC is also been developed and hosted by NIC   collected from large number of cascaded field lo-
          Scheme, Aadhaar and Jan Aadhaar, etc. No manu-                         cations either on an ad hoc basis or as a regular
          al certificate is being processed in the state.  Rajasthan.            schedule. The system permits user at any level to
                                             eNagar Suite                        create its own data collection form, name it and
          Rajasthan Business Register
                This is an integrated Suite of applications for   circulate it to any number of users for data col-
           Business Register Portal is used for the online   local bodies. The citizen can apply online for land   lection. The form can be scheduled for reporting
          registration of Business enterprises and NGOs of   and property mutation, building permission, 90 A   on one time basis or any frequency of collection,
          Rajasthan. It has been made mandatory in Rajas-  conversion, Community centre booking and sale   such as one time / weekly / monthly / annually
          than to register on portal for Organized and Unor-  permission. The system also comprises of Docu-  etc. The user is also given the facility to attach
          ganized sector. The registration process is having   ment Scanning system, e engineering and e Auc-  scanned sheets which can be merged automat-
          no manual intervention. The system facilitates   tion of properties, online accounting, file moni-  ically while compiling the data forms received
          the government to keep an eye on new business   toring, online lottery, court cases monitoring,   from various users. Presently implemented in
          activities and NGOs in the state and it can be an   citizen care centre etc. The system is implement-  Rajasthan Police department for approximately
          useful tool for the government for planning.   ed in few districts. Online delivery of such citizen   2000 users ranging from state level users to the
                                             services has improved transparency and efficien-  police station level. It is a generic application
          Public Health Engineering          cy and has saved lot of hardships for the citizen.
          Department                                                             which can be used by any department without
            Regional Centre of Excellence for   the need of coding and can be rolled out imme-
           NIC is computerising PHED department for  Application Security (RCEoAS)   diately.
          Work flow based A & F sanction generation, Mon-  RCoEAS has been established at Jaipur to ca-  Core Infrastructure
          itoring of physical and financial progress of proj-  ter to application security requirements of ap-  NIC Rajasthan is well equipped with state-of-

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