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          the-art digital infrastructure to cater to exhaus-
          tive needs of the state. More than 5000 NICNET
          nodes have been established in the state which
          includes  State  Secretariat,  Collectorates, other
          government offices and educational institutions
          etc. HD Video Conferencing facilities have been
          established in Secretariat, High Courts princi-
          pal seat Jodhpur and Jaipur Bench, all 33 Dis-
          trict collectorates and 35 District Courts. More
          than 15,000 NIC email accounts are maintained.
          NIC also maintains more than 100 web portals /
          applications of Rajasthan state. To cater to the
          computing requirements, NIC mini cloud has also
          been established. NIC has also extended its sup-

          Other Important Projects              CSI SIG eGovernance Award to Rajasthan Business Register, received by SIO Rajasthan,
                                                NIC and Economics and Statistics Department team
            Project       Implementation
            Name          Status              Important Mobile Apps              port at state data centre. High speed connectivity
                                                                                 has been extended to large number of user de-
           eTransport    Implemented in State                                    partments and educational institutions like IIT
                                                                                 Jodhpur, IIM Udaipur, AIIMS Jodhpur, MNIT Jaipur
                         Implemented in AIIMS Jodh-  App Name    Users           as well as RSDC and RSWAN.
           eHospital     pur and National Institute of
                         Ayurveda, Jaipur                                        Accolades
                                               Shala Samblan    Government         NIC Rajasthan has won many national and
                         Implemented in PHED and
           Sandes                                                                state awards for its projects.
                                                                                 •  National eGovernance Award for Pregnancy
                         Implemented and integrated   Budget Rajasthan  Citizen, Government  and Child Tracking System (PCTS)
           Jeevan Pramaan
                         with eMitra
                                                                                 •  National e Governance Award for OASYS (Online
                                                                                   Assembly System)
                         Details of 22 Lakh old inmates   Civil Registration   Citizen
                         and 21,000 current inmates   System, Pehchan            •  National e Governance Award for Asha Soft
                         captured. About 9000 eMu-                               •  CSI awards for PCTS App, Price Statistics por-
                         lakaat done.                                              tal, Civil Registration System, Business Register,
                                               Rajasthan Business
                         More than 1 Lakh tenders   Register    Citizen            Gyan Sankalp portal, Integrated Shala Darpan
                         floated every month.                                    •  GEMS of Digital India Award for excellence in
                                                                                   e-Governance in the field of Finance Sector
                                               Pregnancy & Child
                         Implemented for 80 Depart-             Government
           Saar                                Tracking System (PCTS)            •  Various other  awards such as Skoch Award,
                                                                                   Manthan Award, e-India, e-World, eGov Rajas-
                                                                                   than also been conferred to different projects
           Index of Industrial   Implemented in the State and   Rajasthan Legislative   Hon’ble MLAs, Media   of NIC Rajasthan
           Production (IIP)  index generated   Assembly         and Citizen
                                                                                 Way Forward
           Price Statistics in   Implemented in all Districts
           Rajasthan (PSR)  and Krishi Upaj Mandi Samitis  RajFood  Government   •  Development of AI based systems for the appli-
                                                                                   cations related to the sectors of Finance, Medi-
           Rajasthan Agri-                                                         cal and Education
           culture Statistics   Implemented in all districts  Rajasthan High Court   Citizen, Advocates
           (RaJAS)                             eservices                         •  Development of Data Analytics
                                                                                 •  Development of mobile applications to help
                         Implemented up to block                                   implement m-Governance
           RAJPOSHAN                           e-Gras           Citizen
                         level in all districts.
                                                                                 •  Transition to micro services based architecture
           Media Manage-  Implemented for DES and NIC   eCounselling Assistant  Citizen  in major applications
           ment System   Rajasthan
                         Implemented for Police,   Arogya Sathi  Citizen, Government
                         Revenue, Transport and Medi-
           DREAMS        cal department for all field
                         units of these departments in   i-Lens  Government      For further information, please contact:
                                                                                 STATE INFORMATICS OFFICER
                                                                                 NIC Rajasthan State Centre
                         Implemented at Rajasthan                                8318, NW Block, Secretariat
           E Office                            eSAJAG           Citizen, Government  Jaipur, Rajasthan - 302 005
                         Legislative Assembly
                                                                                 Email:, Phone: 0141-2227992
          08  October 2021
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