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         Karnataka State

         Architecting digital solutions and delivering key ICT services to the Government

          Edited by REUBAN K                    arnataka, popularly known as ‘One State, Many
                                                worlds’ is situated in the Southwestern region
                                             Kof the Country.  It is the eighth largest state of
          NIC Karnataka State Centre has     India  and formed on 1st November 1956, the state
                                             was earlier known as the State of Mysore, and was
          been instrumental in designing,    renamed Karnataka in 1973. It was ruled by many
          developing and implementing        kings belonging to Maurya, Shatavahana, Kadamba,
                                             Chalukya and the world famous Vijayanagara
          e-Governance solutions, which      dynasties.  Being a home to sculptured temples,
                                             hill ranges, beaches and other beautiful attractions,
          resulted in digital transformation   Karnataka is  known  for  its heritage destinations,
                                             miraculous hill stations and magnificent waterfalls.
          in the State at all levels and has   It is also known for sandalwood and Mysore Silk.
                                                                                      NIC Karnataka State  has  been the
          helped in achieving transparency   The State is also known for famous writers who   technology partner with the Government
                                             have won Eight Jnanpith awards for their exemplary
          and efficiency in the delivery of   work in literature. The State capital Bengaluru is   of  Karnataka  in  all  the  citizen  centric
                                             the most sought after destination for the IT Sector   applications.  The  State  achieved  laurels
          the citizen centric services.      and Karnataka Government has reached out to the   in  many  e-initiatives,  thanks  to  NIC  for
                                             world to invite investment in the State.  Karnataka   technical  support.  e-Hospital,  FRUITS,
          NIC has set up the Centre          Government is very keen on providing paperless,   DBT,  e-Office,  e-Waybill,  GST  Prime,
          of Excellence in Blockchain        faceless, contactless and cashless services to the   Blockchain applications are some of the
                                             citizens.   NIC is a partner in achieving its goals of
          Technology in Bengaluru            spearheading ICT initiatives in the State.  This has   important web and software applications
                                                                                   with  which  the  citizens,  business
                                             enabled the State to achieve transparent, effective   community and Government at large are
          with a vision to build niche       and efficient citizen centric service delivery and   benefitted.
                                             brought   governance to the doorstep of the citizens.
          applications using Blockchain         NIC Karnataka has been playing a key role in the   The  team  at  NIC  Karnataka  has  vast
                                             e-Governance initiatives of the Government and   domain  knowledge  in  all  key  areas  of
          in close coordination with the     is  consulted  on    all  major  citizen  centric  projects   Government  and  the  technical  compe-
                                                                                   tency to offer solutions.
          Government.                        in the State including the 30 District Offices.  NIC   I am very happy to note that Informat-
                                             Karnataka is instrumental in providing state-of-the-  ics April 2021 is showcasing the e-initia-
                                             art Data Centre support for the Government and   tives of NIC in Karnataka State.
                                             has also designed, developed and implemented   I  wish  the  team NIC  Karnataka  the
                                             e-Governance applications since its inception in   very  best  in  all  their  future  endeavours
                                             Bangalore in 1987.                    and  look  forward  to  their  continued
                                                                                   support  for  the  State  in  e-Governance
                                             ICT Initiatives in the State          initiatives.
                                             Centre of Excellence in Blockchain           P. RAVIKUMAR, IAS
                                             Technology                                     Chief Secretary
                                                A   state-of-the-art  laboratory  has  been  Government of Karnataka
                                             established  to  facilitate  the  Government
                                             Departments to perform PoCs, test the applications
                                             and move on to production. The centre has explored   KSEEB portal provides facilities for the process of
                                             some blockchain platforms and has established   verification.  The same system can be implemented
                        P.V.  Bhat           blockchain networks using Hyperledger Fabric and   for  any  university  marks-sheet. This  provides a
                        Dy. Director General   Hyperledger Sawtooth. Blockchain network with   tamper proof secure system and enables electronic
                        & SIO                nodes in different data centres of NIC has been   verification by other accepting agencies such as
                     established to provide a platform for NIC to develop
                                             and deploy blockchain enabled applications.  Scholarship, Professional College admission system
                                                Centre  is developing and  deploying  the   systems.
                                             applications such as Certificate Chain, Drug Logistics,   Marks-sheet of students who passed the
                                             Remote Voting, etc.                 examinations in the academic year 2019-20 is stored
                                                                                 in the blockchain.
                        B.P. Srinivasan      Certificate Chain
                        Sr. Technical Director  The marks-sheet of SSLC and PUC students of  Drug Logistics Chain - Aushada
                Karnataka have been stored in Blockchain. The   The main objective of Aushada software is to

                                                                                           April 2021 07
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