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April 2024

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NIC Udaipur drives digital governance through online services, website development, software solutions, networking infrastructure, training, technical support, and data management. Collaborating with stakeholders, we identify ICT needs, develop solutions, and promote digital inclusion and innovation at the district level. The District Centre’s efforts enhance government operations’ efficiency, transparency, and accessibility.

Established in 1988, the NIC District Centre in Udaipur has spearheaded numerous ICT initiatives, playing a pivotal role in implementing e-governance initiatives for enhanced public service delivery in the district. This technology hub builds on Udaipur’s rich history as a centre of art, culture, and architecture under the Mewar dynasty, now leveraging its legacy to drive technological advancement and innovation.

ICT Initiatives in the District


eNagar is a software suite developed for the Urban Development Authority (UDA), facilitating citizens to access UDA services online by submitting forms electronically. This paperless system allows applicants to upload required annexures electronically along with their applications, as per UDA’s business rules. Services offered include Subdivision and Reconstitution, Lease Exemption certificate, Mutation, Building Plan, Auction, Lottery, and Layout Plan Approval. The project has been replicated in four districts: Ajmer, Bikaner, Bharatpur, and Bhilwara.

District website homepage Fig 5.1: District website homepage

TERMS Portal

NIC provided technical support to Rajasthan State Council of Educational Research and Training (RSCERT) in designing and developing the TERMS Portal. This platform covers student educational assessments and various RSCERT activities. The portal facilitates the creation, moderation, and approval of question banks based on class, subject, difficulty level, and topic. Subject teachers can prepare and download approved question papers in both English and regional languages.

Power Monitoring App

This system tracks real-time electricity usage and maintains a history of power outages in an area. It also includes a transformer redressal system for inventory management and filing complaints for damaged transformers.


This web application assesses citizens’ eligibility for government schemes. Gram Sevaks can register eligible beneficiaries on the spot during village surveys and enter them into the system.

Scheme Monitoring Software

This software tracks the progress of works under the Rural Development and Panchayati Raj Department. It monitors administrative, financial, and various stages of work to ensure effective implementation.


This integrated computerised system serves as a comprehensive platform for enhancing citizen service delivery, efficiently managing municipal functions, optimising revenue generation, and facilitating capacity building for municipal personnel within the Udaipur Municipal Corporation.

Elections Management System

This system automates various stages of Lok Sabha, Assembly, and Panchayati Raj elections, including personnel management, poll-day operations, vote monitoring, result declaration, and EVM tracking. It manages personnel such as Area Magistrates, Sector Officers, Zonal Magistrates, Polling Officers, Micro Observers, and counting party members. In addition to this system, NIC also handles other ECI related applications like ETPBMS, EnCORE, CVigil, Suvidha, and other tools for smooth pre- and post-election processes.

NIC District Centre supports a diverse range of projects including the Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS) comprising Paymanager, RajKosh, and eGRAS, Prison Management System with Visitor Management, Public Distribution System (PDS), National Data of Arms Licenses, eTransport with Vahan, Sarathi, and iRad, e-Procurement, Civil Registration System (Pehchan), ePanjiyan, Pregnancy & Child Tracking System, Shala Darpan, eGram, Social Security Pension, Panchayat Enterprise Suite, and the Digital India Land Records Modernization Programme (DILRMP).

eGovernace Project Fig 5.3: eGovernace Project review by District Collector with District Level Officers

Other Key Initiatives

The suite of applications provided by NIC Udaipur encompasses essential functionalities tailored to various needs:

Quarantine Tracker App

This app ensures effective monitoring of individuals under quarantine, providing guidance for the prescribed isolation period.

Hospital Bed Management System

The app streamlines the allocation of critical resources such as ICU Beds and General Ward Beds, enhancing top-level management’s ability to respond to patient needs.

Asset Management System

Through this system, meticulous tracking of essential medical assets like Ventilators, Wheelchairs, Masks, and IV Sets is enabled, facilitating data-driven decision-making.

Lease Calculator App

The app offers public convenience by allowing easy calculation of lease amounts for plots or flats, considering factors like area, reserve price, and possession date.

Transformer Complaint Redressal

System (TCRS) The TCRS provides consumers with a streamlined platform to report issues related to failed transformers, ensuring prompt resolution and efficient management of complaints received through both toll-free numbers and web portals, including those submitted at AEN offices.

Important Events Organized

  • VC services and IT support during Hon’ble Prime Minister, Hon’ble Chief Minister and other VIPs in the district
  • Technical support during important events like; Rozgar mela, Kisan mela, Krishi Mahotsav, Garib Kalyan Mela, e-Lokarpan and Yoga Day
  • Training workshops and awareness programmes for web applications
  • Demonstration of NIC Projects in “Alluring Rajasthan’’ and exhibitions being held at Udaipur
  • Organized awareness generation drive for online services and initiatives through Common Service Centre


  • Rajasthan e-Gov Leader’ Award: State-level recognition by the Government of Rajasthan for outstanding contributions to promoting e-Governance.
  • State Level Award on National Voters Day: Presented by the Hon’ble Governor for exemplary performance in election-related tasks.
  • Award of Appreciation by District Administration: Recognized on Republic Day in 2003 and 2020 for commendable efforts.

District Collector during virtual ceremony Fig 5.2: Best electoral practices award to DIO Udaipur by District Collector during virtual ceremony

Way Forward

The consistent efforts of NIC Udaipur District Centre have resulted in spreading cognizance and awareness about ICT-enabled services among citizens. Thus, this fulfill the Digital India manifesto aims to harness the transformative power of technology to accelerate India’s socioeconomic development, empower its citizens, and position the country as a global leader in the digital age.

Arvind Kumar Poswal, IAS
Arvind Kumar Poswal, IAS
District Collector, Udaipur
Contact for more details

District Informatics Officer

NIC District Centre Udaipur
Room No 116, Collectorate Campus, Shakti Nagar,
Udaipur, Rajasthan - 313001

Email: Phone:


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