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NIC Darbhanga excels in ICT innovation, notably implementing the e-Office system and Medhasoft for efficient governance and education management. Its high-speed VC facility was crucial during COVID-19, and its support in events like JANSAMVAAD showcases its pivotal role in digitalizing district administration and enhancing public service delivery.

Established in 1988, NIC Darbhanga has emerged as a key technological pillar in the District Administration. Located in the District Collectorate campus, it plays a crucial role in providing ICT support and advancing e-Governance initiatives. The Centre stands out as a central hub for delivering advanced IT solutions, offering expert consultation, and implementing a variety of e-Governance projects and applications.

ICT Initiatives in the District



Darbhanga has pioneered the implementation of the e-Office system in Bihar, starting with the Collector’s office and extending to Block and Circle levels. This initiative has notably transformed the SSP Office into a nearly paperless environment. The district adopted a tailored eOffice suite in 2022 to streamline service delivery and enhance operational efficiency. This system integrates file and records management, enabling efficient internal data handling and collaboration. Comprehensive training programs have been conducted to ensure proficient usage by officials, resulting in the efficient disposal of over 4000 files through the platform.

Janta ke Darbar me JilaAdhikari

The “Janta ke Darbar me JilaAdhikari” web portal and mobile app has revolutionized direct communication between the District Magistrate and the residents of Darbhanga. This platform allows citizens to submit grievances for prompt resolution. Upon submission, applicants receive a meeting date via SMS, and attendance is digitally recorded. The process, including updates, is managed online, enabling applicants to track their grievances and receive resolution notifications. The portal also allows for the download of redressal letters. So far, over 3500 grievances have been presented directly to the District Magistrate, with 1245 successfully addressed. The system’s effectiveness has garnered positive feedback from the public and recognition from the District Administration for NIC’s efforts.

Darbhanga District Website

The official website of Darbhanga district (http://darbhanga.nic.in) functions as an extensive digital portal for various government services. Recently modernized using the S3WaaS platform, it offers enhanced user accessibility and streamlined access to information. The website is consistently updated with the latest government announcements and advisories, ensuring timely and accurate information dissemination to the public.

Other Initiatives in the Distirct


Launched on January 13, 2022, in Darbhanga, iRAD compiles and analyzes road accident data from multiple departments to identify causes and inform policy making for road safety. NIC Darbhanga conducts regular training for Police, Health, and Road Personnel. So far, 782 cases have been recorded on the iRAD portal.


NIC Darbhanga aids RLA and RTA in vehicle registration and driving license issuance using Vahan/Sarathi software. It also builds capacity for DEOs and dealers, with 25587 vehicles registered and 8100 licenses issued in 2023.


Developed collaboratively by NIC Bihar, the Home Department, and the Land Revenue Department, this portal resolves land disputes at the Thana level. NIC Darbhanga supports SHOs, COs, ROs, and technical personnel, with about 1077 cases entered so far.

Arms License Issuance System (ALIS)

Implemented by the District Centre, ALIS assigns a Unique Number (UIN) to arms licenses, with training provided to officials. So far, 1233 licenses have been issued through ALIS in Darbhanga.

Aapda Sampoorti

NIC Darbhanga has played a critical role in implementing NIC Bihar’s online software designed to record data of disaster-affected families. In response to Darbhanga’s high flood risk, the NIC District Unit has meticulously gathered data from all families across 308 Panchayats in 18 Blocks, amounting to a total of 784,409 family records. These details have been uploaded to the Apda Sampoorti server, a disaster management portal, facilitating the distribution of ₹6000 to each affected family via PFMS


NIC Darbhanga has enhanced the District Social Security Office’s capabilities by providing advanced ICT support. This initiative enables realtime management and monitoring of pension scheme beneficiaries. As a result, approximately 431,444 individuals receive their pensions monthly through this efficient system.

Caste Based Survey Counting

NIC Darbhanga played a pivotal role in the caste-based survey, an online application project. The team conducted extensive training sessions for 9358 Enumerators and 1705 Supervisors on the mobile app used for the survey. Additionally, NIC Darbhanga District Unit provided comprehensive ICT support to IT Assistants at the Block level, ensuring effective technical assistance to Enumerators and Supervisors throughout the district.


NIC Darbhanga effectively utilizes Medhasoft, a NIC Bihar initiative, to manage and streamline student data for classes 1 to 12 in government schools. Hosted at http://medhasoft.bih.nic.in, this platform efficiently administers government benefits like uniforms, bicycles, and scholarships to students following PFMS verification. The software has successfully mitigated fraud and reduced teachers’ administrative workload, with over 654,234 student records already processed.

Invigilator Deputation Software

NIC Darbhanga has successfully implemented the Invigilator Deputation software, streamlining the allocation of invigilators for Bihar board’s 10th and 12th annual examinations. This software ensures a fair and random deputation of invigilators to various examination centers and facilitates the issuance of their appointment letters.

Infrastructure, Network and Web Services

Video Conferencing: A high-speed VC facility in the District Collectorate used extensively for communication, especially during COVID-19 lockdowns.

  • NICNET: A 100 Mbps high-speed network infrastructure connecting government departments for seamless communication and operations.
  • ECIS: Implemented for efficient online case management and order updates in the district court.
  • Court Record Digitization: Under Hon’ble Patna High Court’s initiative, approximately ten lakh old documents are being digitised.

articleimg Fig 3.1: Inauguration of Executive Court Information System (ECIS) by District Magistrate, Rajiv Raushan


Key events at NIC Darbhanga included the visit of Dr. R K Mishra, Deputy Director General and State Informatics Officer, Bihar, on March 21, 2023, with a meeting held with the District Magistrate. Additionally, NIC Darbhanga supported the organisation of JAN-SAMVAD, addressed by Hon’ble PM Shri Narendra Modi on December 9, 2023, under the Viksit Bharat Sankalp Flagship Programme.

articleimg Fig 3.2: DDG & SIO, Bihar visit and meeting with District Magistrate, Shri Rajiv Raushan


NIC Darbhanga Officers have been recognized and felicitated by the District Administration for their exemplary services on multiple occasions.

Rajiv Raushan, IAS
Rajiv Raushan, IAS
District Magistrate & Collectorate
Darbhanga, Bihar


  • 20th CSI SIG e-Governance awards 2022 in New Delhi
  • Certificate of Appreciation by District Collectorate for effective IT application implementation and round-the-clock cooperation in ensuring a smooth Vidhan Sabha Election 2022

Way Forward

Keep up with new developments in technology that may expand the centre’s capabilities. Determine innovative services that the NIC Hardoi can offer to further the effectiveness and growth of good governance. Create and carry out plans to enhance citizen participation using digital tools including social media, mobile apps, and online services. Use data analytics to extract knowledge from the enormous volume of information the centre gathers and processes.

District Informatics Officer

NIC District Centre
Collectorate Building, Laheriasarai
Darbhanga, Bihar – 846001


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