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South 24 Parganas, the biggest district of the state of West Bengal with its headquarter at Alipore has an urban fringe of kolkata metropolitan city on one side and the remote riverine villages in the Sundarbans at the other. The worlds largest estuarine forest and one of the last preserves of Bengal tiger, Sundarbans, is a vast tract of forest and saltwater swamp forming the lower part of the Gangetic delta extending into the Bay of Bengal. The region is also famous for some commonly domesticated livestock breeds which include the Garole breed of sheep and Chinae hans or Muscuovy ducks. Apart from the Sundarbans the other places of interest in the district are Ganga Sagar and Bakkhali.
Kali Pada Nayak, Motiur Rahman
Meghalaya - Blessed with abundant rainfall, sunshine, virgin forests, high plateaus, tumbling waterfalls, crystal clear rivers, meandering streams - the state, carved from the erstwhile state of Assam - bounds it on the North and East while the South and West is covered by Bangladesh.
Timothy Dkhar

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