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This software captures various health conditions of children in the target age group. In cases where diseases are detected, or if medical intervention is required, support is provided free of cost and the parents of the affected children are informed through SMS automatically.
e-Dashboard is a web based online application which was launched by Haryana during the 5th general election for Municipalities of ULBs. Developed and successfully implemented by NIC Haryana, this application enhances transparency in the entire election process and has evolved to be used as an integral and generic application that can be used for similar timebound events providing vital data.
M.P. Kulshreshtha, Surjeet Singh
With the implementation of DC*Suite at South Goa Collectorate and related offices, physical movement of documents between stakeholders has been eliminated. The system has reduced time lags to a large extend and increased the efficiency at individual, organizational and interorganizational levels.
G H Subhash, K V Rijisha
Dark Net is a specific part of the hidden Web where one can operate in total anonymity. It isn't illegal to browse the dark web in most countries, but using some of the dark web services can be illegal. Access of dark web is a little like stepping back in time to the early days of the internet as the sites are often rudimentary in style. Search engines such as TOR, I2P and Freenet are used to access Dark web.
Mukesh Kumar Ralli
In order to have a centrally managed antivirus solution for NICNET, National Informatics Centre has deployed three-tier architecture for Antivirus management. One Antivirus Distribution/ Relay Server is deployed at each Bhawan/State and a Central Antivirus Server is installed at NIC (HQ).
Ravi Vijayvargiya, D. H. Khan, K.B. Hariharan, Rajesh Kumar Tripathi

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