Cadastral Maps (Mussavies) Digitization & Integration of Bhu-Naksha & HALRIS

FCR Sh. Naresh Gulati is reviewing and inspecting the lab in the presence of Commissioner Ambala, DC Ambala and SIO Haryana.

One Cadastral Maps digitization Lab & Integrated Bhu-Naksha & HALRIS software solutions has been set up for 40 on-line villages of Ambala Tehsil at Mini Secretariat Ambala.
On 20th January, 2011, FCR Sh. Naresh Gulati has reviewed and inspected the lab. The complete demonstration of HARIS-HALRIS-Bhu Naksha linkage was given to all officers. After the demonstration, FCR has asked Commissioner Ambala Division Sh. Anil Kumar, DC Ambala Sh. Sameer Pal Srow & SIO NIC Haryana Sh. G.S.Bansal to start the implementation on pilot basis.
The Bhu Naksha software was developed by NIC CGSU and was got customized by incorporating Haryana specific requirements and it was integrated with HALRIS having following features:
1.Importing digitized Cadastral map, provided by the HARSAC to Bhu-Naksha software.
2.Displaying the digitized map of the village.
3.Displaying the particulars like owner names and area of the selected khasra on the map,   picking directly from the HALRIS database.
4.Tatima of the khasra during the mutation entry, using various options.
5.Khasra Nakal of Sajra Aksh along with owner’s details.
6.Map based queries like displaying of on the map.
7.Printing of Textual RoR as well as map of the plot.
The primary objective was to provide authenticated and secured Nakal of Record of Right services as integration of HARIS#HALRIS#BhuNaksha to the citizen of Haryana along with updated map of their land.
This project is one of the very prestigious e-Governance projects and complex in the nature as it provide the interface of Land Revenue Administration, property registration and linkage of textual spatial land records data in integrated manner on authenticated as well as authorization basis.


Date: 9th Feb 2011
Submitted By: Poonam Gupta, Haryanapoonam [dot] g [at] nic [dot] in
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